How to Tell if You’re Going to Overdo Thanksgiving

Hello Dear Readers!  I love Thanksgiving!  It’s one of my favorite holidays.  Every year I cook for my family and every year I look forward to it with great pleasure.  Maybe a little too much pleasure.  That’s why I’ve come up with this list of warning signs on how to tell if you are going to overdo Thanksgiving.

How to Tell if You’re Going to Overdo Thanksgiving
Woman looking pensive with leaves on her head

You’ve replaced the phrase “I love you” with the phrase “Olive you”.

You just got back from Potato Mashing Immersion Camp.

You’ve instructed your surgeon to break ground on that new stomach addition.

Architect looking at plans
“So the way I see it, we can knock out a wall between the belly and the button, and we should have room for an entire bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy.

In preparation for the big feast, you’ve managed to diet down to a size bite.

Even if you were to carry out pi to a million decimals, all forms of pi will be polished off by Friday.

“Of course I didn’t eat all the pumpkin pie! You know I only like apple.”

You’ve taken to sleeping on a pillow of mini marshmallows.

Thanks to you and your voluminous Yam Stockpile the earth will be taking 6 days longer to orbit the sun.

Earth orbiting sun
“Gosh this week is really dragging by. What day is it?”

You made an appointment with your dentist to get your teeth sharpened.

Your new gravy boat sleeps six.

“Move over!”
“No you!”

Your husband Tom is slightly worried about you because his name is Bill.

You’ve been preheating your oven since the 4th of July.

You refuse to read, watch or listen to  anything that isn’t about Jello.

“Honey! Come quick! Look!  There’s Bigfoot!”
“Is he in the form of a Jello mold?”
“Is he carrying Jello?”
“Then I’m not going to look.”

And the most obvious way to tell if you’re going to overdo Thanksgiving:

Your appendix has been officially called back into active duty for the stomach reserves.

“Ten Hut!”


Until next time . . . Olive you

15 thoughts on “How to Tell if You’re Going to Overdo Thanksgiving

  1. Have a great Thanksgiving, Linda. This was great reading. I normally completely overdo it, but this year, I am purposely trying not to…which means that I might succeed in only overdoing it “a little bit.” Ha!! 😉

  2. I can’t stop laughing out loud at the captions you have for your pictures!!! I especially love the first picture of the model with the fal leaves hood. I can say that I look forward to your huge centerpeice of pink Jello that completes every Thanksgiving we’ve ever had.

    • Hahaha! You sound just like me. I have four large cans of pumpkin in my pantry at the moment. Well at least if there’s a disaster you ad I will be prepared. Sure we’ll eventually OD on vitamin A but at least we won’t go hungry!! 😀

  3. Well, my new gravy boat sleeps Al Gore– or 15 standard obese people… : P

    The architect lookin’ to fit in an extra bowl of Mashed P. was a screamer. I yam (candied, of course) still laughing!! : )

    • Ahahahaha! Mr. Macgiggles! You crack me up more than Al Gore cracks up the gravy boat!! Standard obese people. Wiping tears! (Al wiping tears too — tears of gravy of course!!) 😀

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