The Ineffectual Ghost of Christmas Past

Welcome, Dear Readers!  It’s day two of Blogdramedy’s Blog Festivus 2013 Christmas story week. Which means each day this week there will be a Christmas story based on Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol.

Here’s today’s story:

The Ineffectual Ghost of Christmas Past

Ghost of Christmas Past:  Boo!  I’m the Ghost of Christmas Past! Boo!

Ebenezer:  Uh . . . I’m trying to eat, do you mind?

GOCP:  But I’m haunting you! Boo!

Ebenezer:  You, sir, are no Amityville Horror, but continue if you must.

GOCP:   Okay, Boo!  What’re you eating?

Ebenezer:  My Christmas Pie . . . I stick in my thumb and pull out a plumb and say what a good boy am I.

GOCP:  Wait!  Didn’t Tiny Tim used to have that job?

Ebenezer:  Yes, until I fired him and hired myself.  Plum?

GOCP:  Boo on you, Ebenezer Scrooge. Boo!

Ebenezer:  That’s it?  Boo?  Boo’s the best you’ve got?

GOCP:  No.  I also say  . . . .

Ebenezer:  What?

GOCP:  Hold on . . . googling . . . Oh! I also say, “Bwahaha!”

Ebenezer: Still not scary.  Sorry.

GOCP:  But the Ghost Hunter guys go nuts when they hear that.

Ebenezer:  And do they look like geniuses to you?

GOCP:  Screw you Scrooge!  Someday you’ll choke on one of those plums and no one will step forward to give you the Heimlich maneuver!

Ebenezer:  Uh huh.  Listen, I’m going to go watch Ghost Hunters International now.  You coming?

GOCP:  Yeah.

Charles Dicken's the Ghost of Christmas Past by Linda Vernon Humor

Until next time . . . I love you






21 thoughts on “The Ineffectual Ghost of Christmas Past

    • Thanks Sandra! Gads I think I got caught in some sort of Christmas time warp I’m so late with this reply! Ha! I’m blaming it on the Christmas ghosts! Thanks for coming by!

  1. Ow, ow, ow!! This made me laugh so hard, I ruptured my protoplasm!! Hope Santa brings me a new one for Christmas. What size do I take? Oh, about a MEDIUM.

    And that’s all I have to seance… : )

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