The Ineffectual Ghost of Christmas Past

Welcome, Dear Readers!  It’s day two of Blogdramedy’s Blog Festivus 2013 Christmas story week. Which means each day this week there will be a Christmas story based on Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol.

Here’s today’s story:

The Ineffectual Ghost of Christmas Past

Ghost of Christmas Past:  Boo!  I’m the Ghost of Christmas Past! Boo!

Ebenezer:  Uh . . . I’m trying to eat, do you mind?

GOCP:  But I’m haunting you! Boo!

Ebenezer:  You, sir, are no Amityville Horror, but continue if you must.

GOCP:   Okay, Boo!  What’re you eating?

Ebenezer:  My Christmas Pie . . . I stick in my thumb and pull out a plumb and say what a good boy am I.

GOCP:  Wait!  Didn’t Tiny Tim used to have that job?

Ebenezer:  Yes, until I fired him and hired myself.  Plum?

GOCP:  Boo on you, Ebenezer Scrooge. Boo!

Ebenezer:  That’s it?  Boo?  Boo’s the best you’ve got?

GOCP:  No.  I also say  . . . .

Ebenezer:  What?

GOCP:  Hold on . . . googling . . . Oh! I also say, “Bwahaha!”

Ebenezer: Still not scary.  Sorry.

GOCP:  But the Ghost Hunter guys go nuts when they hear that.

Ebenezer:  And do they look like geniuses to you?

GOCP:  Screw you Scrooge!  Someday you’ll choke on one of those plums and no one will step forward to give you the Heimlich maneuver!

Ebenezer:  Uh huh.  Listen, I’m going to go watch Ghost Hunters International now.  You coming?

GOCP:  Yeah.

Charles Dicken's the Ghost of Christmas Past by Linda Vernon Humor

Until next time . . . I love you






21 thoughts on “The Ineffectual Ghost of Christmas Past

  1. Ow, ow, ow!! This made me laugh so hard, I ruptured my protoplasm!! Hope Santa brings me a new one for Christmas. What size do I take? Oh, about a MEDIUM.

    And that’s all I have to seance… : )

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