Flipping Through a 1967 TV Guide

Welcome Dear Readers!  News Flash!  There’s something very strange happening in California.  Now don’t panic, but when I got up this morning instead of the sky being its usual blue, it seems to have turned a murky, purgatory gray overnight!  What could it mean?

I don’t know if it’s the end of the world, Dear Readers, but just to be on the safe side we’d better eat our dessert first today.

In the meantime, let’s flip through this old TV guide from 1967, shall we?

1967 TV Guide
Isn’t it wonderful?

Remember Jack Cassidy?  He was a pretty well-known actor.  He guest starred on lots of TV shows in the 60’s and 70’s .  He is also the father of David Cassidy and was married to Shirley Jones aka Mrs. Partridge.  Jack Cassidy was tragically killed  in a fire.  Poor Jack Cassidy.

Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin were a married couple who starred in all kinds of things.

Here’s a clip I really love of  Paul Prentiss and Peter O’Toole from the movie, What’s New Pussy Cat:

Richard Benjamin went on Johnny Carson once and told about how his wife, Paula, didn’t wash the pots and pans very thoroughly, and that he always had to rewash them after she went to bed.  For some reason, Johnny Carson thought that was the most hilarious thing he had ever heard.

Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss
Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss are still alive and still together. Apparently having to rewash pots and pans is not only good for your marriage, it’s good for your health.

 Here’s a 1967 ad for 7-up:

a 1967 ad for 7-up
Back  when 7up was cool.

I remember 7up’s theme song during this time went like this:  “Wet and wild, 7up is wet and wild.  First against thirst, first to satisfy you — so wet and wild and cool! “

Well I thought it was pretty cool too.  I even went to the trouble of picking out that  song  on the piano when I was a sophomore in high school.  We had an  orange piano that was down in the basement that had come with the house (both the basement and the piano).

It seems like 7up has never been as cool since. Now it’s just something you drink when  you’re feeling sick to your stomach.

Hey Look!  Talk about the perfect name for a rock band!

Warts and corns of 1967

Unlike 7up, warts and corns were never cool, not even back in 1967 — though Two Corns and a Wart would have made a great name for a rock band.

As you can see from the ad, apparently warts and corns were much more cruel in the 60’s than they are today.    Of course, the remedies available to help with wart/corn cruelty never completely cured the problem because why should any company purposely put itself out of the lucrative corn/wart removal industry?

Remember him?

1967 TV Guide Richard Basehart Ad

Richard Basehart was an actor who starred in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and who sometimes wore his pants like Fred Mertz.  He and his crew bombed around underwater in their submarine having underwater adventures left and right.

I remember really liking that show, though now the only  thing I remember about it was the pinging of the submarine noise they played every ten seconds lest you forget they were underwater on a submarine!

A ping that sounded not unlike this one:

Caution:  Do not listen to this if you hate submarine pinging!   (But it’s not really all that bad, Dear Readers, I just wanted an excuse to use a different colored font.)

And finally, there’s this:


What’s this?  Dr. Alfred Kidder has been inhabiting the North American continent for more than 15,000 years?  And I’ve never even run into him once! Could  Dr. Kidder might be pulling our legs?

Well, Dear Reader, this concludes our 1967 TV-guide-flipping session for today.  And it looks like the sky’s still a murky gray.  So I think it best if we get started eating  dessert, just to be on the safe side in case the world’s coming to an end.

Until next time (if there is one) . . . I love you

54 thoughts on “Flipping Through a 1967 TV Guide

  1. An MRI machine makes a noise sort of like that submarine, only it’s calculating how much to charge your insurance company for the procedure. You’re right about 7-up. It appears to have lost its fizz over the decades.

    • LOL!! I wondered what all the pinging was about the last time I had an MRI on my brain, Peanuts, and the results came back that there was nothing wrong with my brain except that my frontal lobes were abnormally small. I’m totally serious! Gosh I got such a kick out of that!

  2. Are you complaining about a gray sky? Seriously? Australia bakes in record heat. NYC is buried in snow. Don’t make me come out there…

    Didn’t Jack Cassidy used to punch-out poor Shirley? Do I have that right? Or was that Marty Engals? Or neither?

    I used to get Paula Prentiss and Stephanie Powers mixed-up all the time. I was just a kid! The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.

    Who has an orange piano!? That’s fantastic! Did the basement have wood paneling as well? God, I hope so.

    Best name for a band I ever heard was a local band here in New York called Jiggle The Handle.

    • Yeah come on out here, Exile, because the sky’s blue again and all is right in our California world! (You do realize that the sun evolves around California, don’t you? — but don’t say anything about it to Copernicus, he’s got such a temper!)

      I think you might be right about Jack punching out Shirley. But I think the reason she divorced him was because he went through a phase where he thought he was Jesus Christ plus he wouldn’t wear any clothes.

      Stephanie Powers and Paul Prentiss do look alike, you’re right. I don’t think I ever watched the Girl from U.N.C.L.E. was it good?

      Oh that orange piano was so cool! That was a weird house but I loved it. The entire basement was painted gray and it had hardwood floors but they were all painted gray too. It also had an entirely pink kitchen with a pink stove and fridge. Oh I would love to live in that house now! I could go down and play the orange piano and drink 7up and maybe have Girl From Uncle on in the background. Good times . . .

      I love Jiggle The Handle. I may have to see if they have anything on Youtube! My son is in a band and the other night they played with another band named Temporary Girlfriend.

      • That’s not what I read on elevator TV on the way up to my floor this morning! CA is in for a real treat. Torrential rains. The likes of which you’ve not seen for many a year. Mmmmwwaaa ha ha ha. Enjoy the deluge.

        The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. was excellent for a child, as I was. I can’t speak for whether or not it’s stood the test of time.

        You can call me Mark. Because that’s my name. Exiled is what I am. Not who I am.

  3. I flew to Madagascar to see the reunion concert of Two Corns and a Wart.
    The opening acts were Bunion fever and Achilles Heel (Swedish death Metal).
    Oddly, it was sponsored by 7-Up, not Dr Scholl…

  4. Well, we all know the end of the world was coming with the so called fashion statements of the day, everyone would panic 😛 I caught the tail end of the 7-up glory days and vaguely remember the jingle 🙂

  5. WAAAAAA Ha ha… Loved the last bit — where you got a bit grammar fascist on poor Dr. Kidder. What a kidder.

  6. Yep, Jack popped Shirley a few times. I think she was one of the first ‘famous’ people to admit to something like that.

    Great find, and,now I have the 7UP jingle in my head.

      • A friend of mine would date guys that were always being taken off to jail when her car was stopped for a traffic violation, and they checked licenses. Every one had an outstanding warrant.

        I finally suggested she stop using the Post Office as her personal dating site.

        We never spoke again.

  7. Holy crow, that’s going back… can’t say I knew much about this stuff, but that video of Lawrence of Arabia dancing shirtless and going in for the kiss… that was kind of mesmerizing.

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