Monkey Meat and the Meaning of Life

Starting Afresh. As I said yesterday, apparently I’m not going to die by grapefruit, (phew!) so I guess I’d better get busy and get something done with my life, accomplishment-wise. Of course, it’s not like I haven’t accomplished anything up to this point.

I have, for instance, amassed an impressive spice collection — well impressive to certain groups of people, that is. I like to think I have a better spice collection than those living deep in the Amazon rain forest or more extensive spice choices than totally isolated monk types.

I bet if you opened up the Dali Lama’s refrigerator, I doubt you would find fixin’s for, say, Billy Bob Bubbas Fire Breathing Hound Dog Chili.

And I’ll wager there isn’t a single Amazon Forest Indigenous Person who spices up his monkey meat with McCormick’s California Style Lemon Pepper (Coarse ground blend with garlic and onion) like I do.

Still having a collection of spices really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in terms of immortality. Or even in terms of lunch. No, if I want to accomplish something more meaningful before I shuffle off this wobbly Ball O’ Dirt, I’m probably going to have to figure out once and for all what my life’s purpose is.

But here’s an idea. Maybe the whole concept of a “life purpose” is merely an urban legend, a fad, a craze, a complete bunch of hooey if you will. Maybe our life purpose is simply to be alive. And us and everything in the universe with us is living it’s life purpose just by existing.

Well, that was easy.

OK, So now maybe it’s just a matter of deciding what kind of attitude I am going to have about existing. It seems to me that if I would remember to APPRECIATE EVERYTHING that is developing right in front of my eyes in this very moment, and each moment thereafter until I eat my very last grapefruit, well then, what would I need with a “life purpose”? I’d be already living it, moment by wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful — see grapefruit choking below) moment.

Oh sure, having McCormick’s California Style Coarse Grind Blend Lemon Pepper with Garlic and Onion to add to my monkey meat is all well and good; but being able to REALLY APPRECIATE IT. . . well that’s the rub isn’t it?

Until next time . . . I love you

3 thoughts on “Monkey Meat and the Meaning of Life

  1. Good post! I agree that maybe we should all simmer down (especially while cooking with spices) and relax our attitude about the whole “I have to do something meaningful with my life so that I fulfill my purpose” kick that a lot of people (bored people) are on. It stresses me out. And I know being stressed about fulling my purpose in life isn’t the purpose of life.

    • Yes, making the finding the purpose of life the purpose of life seems pretty ridiculous! It stresses me out too!! We should all simmer down, you’re right!!

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