I Am Dumb

Sometimes I guess I’m a little bit . . . oh what’s the word I’m looking for, oh yeah — dumb.

I’ve had my horse, Joey, at his new stables for almost six month which means I’ve been to the horse supply store in that neighborhood numerous times.

Joey’s always borrowing my clothes.

Well, guess what I never even noticed was right next door?

An Antique Mall! (Which is code for overpriced thrift store, but still!)  All this time, I could have been exploring their old books and magazines!  Which just goes to show you that sometimes it pays to look right and left.

Anyway, I’m taking the day off from the blog today.  I’m not going to write a post as much as I’m just going to sit here and leisurely browse through an old Saturday Evening Post from 1969 that I picked up yesterday at my newly discovered Antique Mall.

Here’s a car very much like the kind my mother always drove.  They were roughly the size of three football fields. My mother owned many used cars in her life.  But she was very discriminating in that she seemed to only want to buy the ones that had holes in the mufflers.  You could always hear my mother coming a mile away.  She would have made a horrible spy.

Tricky Dick and the Fam

This was in an article entitled:  The Enigma of President Nixon.  I think the enigma is — how did Richard Nixon ever end up with such a nice family? 

 It says:  ” . . . Don’t you think I’ve thought of that–I’d fire them in a minute only the severance pay would wipe me out.” 

Gads people were unhealthy looking then!  I wonder if it had anything to do with the cigarettes and alcohol?  Maybe this was taken during the Great Lettuce Shortage of 1969.

Oh this is interesting.  He’s so busy remembering things he completely forgot to flick his ashes. 

Okay, I had to put my two-cents worth in on that one.

This man not only makes a living writing short paragraphs, he is the human living embodiment of a short paragraph!  Which I guess just goes to show you that God always gets it right!

Well, that was a fun day off from the blog wasn’t it Dear Readers?  Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll be leisurely browsing through on our next day off:

Don’t ya just love that hole in his pants!

Until next time . . . I love you

26 thoughts on “I Am Dumb

    • You’re right! Poor guy doesn’t have very many pockets and he doesn’t seem to be putting much oomph into his sweeping — but at least he’s got a hole he can stick those eggs in! LOL!

  1. First, let me say that Joey looks like a very sweet boy. (Only a horse that’s sweet would let you put that cap on him! haha!)

    These are all so great!! The car is a classic. I can just hear your mom coming over the hill, now. haha!

    The Chicago man, or short paragraph man, looks like someone I’d really like to follow and take tips from, how ’bout you? Maybe he can give a short seminar on how to shave a short mustache.

    People were so unhealthy looking, you’re right! Iverson, the poultryman, was probably only 18 years old when that photo was taken. I wonder what he looks like now?

    I think I’d like to subscribe to the Pacific Poultryman. It looks like it’s got some great articles, that is, if you have a Poultryman in your life. I don’t currently, but I’m hoping that changes. lol!!!!

    • I know! Me too! And to think that for a mere $2.00 we could have gotten a subscription to Pacific Poultryman for five full years back in 1954! Today it’s bound to cost twice that much!!

  2. LOL Lisa! I will definitely sign you up for a subscription for Pacific Poultryman. There is actually a subscription form still inside and you can get a 5 year subscription for $2.00. Hahaha! Yes poor dear Iverson! He seems to love his job though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more contented look on a teenager’s face!

    Oh wouldn’t it be fun to take a short seminar from short paragraph man. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more creatively expressed mustache how ’bout you? HA!

    Joey is such a sweet horse. He’s a very kind soul! And he really does like wearing hats. He also likes to pose for pictures! He brings me sooo much joy!! 😀 He’s very calm. I don’t think he would have minded my mother’s mufflers at all!

  3. I love your “break” from posting today! Firstly Joey can really pull off that visor! Secondly I think everyone looks so sickly because it’s before photoshop. That and the daily 4 packs of ciggy butts washed down with a liter of whiskey. Thirdly I hope you go antiquing more often!

    • Well I will go antiquing more often now that I’ve discovered it right in front of my nose. And Joey loves wearing hats. I really want to get him a straw hat with the ears cut out of it. (Maybe they will have one at the new thrift store!)

  4. I’d be curious to see the Chicago obituaries for the week that article on short paragraphs came out.
    The guy in the picture looks very very angry with someone standing to the photographers side…

    • Haha Imelda! I think you may be one of the only people on earth to have ever typed that sentence! But I’m looking forward to it too! I may have to hire a chicken scratch translator for it though! 😀

  5. Enjoyed the post but for some reason I focused on the Nixon pic, feeling sad for the family, and not being able to fully imagine what they must have endured personally because of him, his megalomania, paranoia, and distrust. I cringed thinking of the hurts they went through.

    Okay, now on to the chicken man who is another quite foul fellow. Randy

  6. I know. I feel sorry for them too. It’s bad enough when dad loses his job due to misconduct but to have it be the biggest news on earth must have been devastating to his family. I do feel sorry for them. They seemed like very nice people.

    And the chicken guy might have been a foul fellow, but I”m sure he was still a good egg. 😀

  7. Haw! I think my favorite part was David Eisenhower pointing and telling everyone: “Hey, lookit Joey wearing that stupid visor and smoking a cigarette!!”

    And what’s that chicken guy doing wearing my pants?? I never shoulda taken ’em off at the thrift store changing room… : P

    Antique shop = overpriced thrift store– woof! Exquisite!! : )

  8. LOL Mark! The chicken guy stole your pants! I should have guessed as much because upon closer inspection I can see that they are designer Markie MacGiggles with the signature hole!

    (And I always heard David Nixon had one of the most impressive horse hat collections in the world, and this finally confirms it!)

  9. Your mother made an excellent spy, because they never believed she could possibly be a spy. Spies are very smart that way. Even you didn’t figure out her secret!

    Pity the poor poultry person… he’s obviously henpecked.

    • OMG Wyrd! You have set my world asunder! My mother the spy! Not only are you probably correct you have also given me a wonderful idea for a novel! And I could write an entire book about the funny things my mother did and all for her Love of Country!!! Bless you!

  10. Well, the building a memory article sounds intriguing…I wonder how many people were scammed. I mean, a 4-week course for a memory beyond my wildest dreams? Lol. Perhaps there was a memory loss epidemic at the time…?

    • LOL Kat! Good observation. I mean who sits around and dreams about their memory being good. The ad implies that of all the things a person could dream of in their widest dreams it would be to remember a grocery list without writing it down. Winning the lottery? Who cares! But remembering the number that didn’t win ON your lottery ticket = wildest dreams? HA! 😀

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