Friday Fictioneers: Harvey and Delores Buy a New Rowboat

Welcome Dear Readers to Friday Fictioneers where participants write a 100-word story about the picture below, while at the same time going over Niagara Falls in a barrel with nothing but a laptop, a flashlight and a deep desire to be creative.

Here’s this week’s cool picture taken by Janet Webb over at her blog, This That and The Other Thing:

Copyright Janet Webb
Copyright Janet Webb

Harvey and Delores Buy a New Rowboat

“I just love Global Warming, Harvey!  I’ve lost ten pounds already on my all-fish diet!”

“You look great, Delores.  Love your shoes!”

“Thanks. I got them at Just Galoshes!”

“Oh no!  Delores!  Our new rowboat’s sprung a leak!”

“What? Where’d you get it? Oh don’t tell me!  Al Gore’s Rowboat Palace and Oar Emporium?”


“Please say you got a life-time warranty, Harvey.”


“A two-year, no-leak service plan?”


“A 30-day guarantee?”


“Did you get anything?”

“Just a pat on the back and two-week’s free Internet service.”

“That’s it?”

“And Al’s personal assurance.”

“Which was?”

“You’ll never Tipper!”

"Come buy my rowboats!"
“Come buy my rowboats!  Yeah!”

* * *

Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields over at Addicted to Purple for faithfully hosting this super-fun challenge each and every week.

And if you haven’t tried your hand at Friday Fictioneers, Dear Readers, I highly recommend it  —  if you’re a bit squeamish about going over Niagara Falls in a barrel — I’m pretty sure that part’s optional. (But double-check with Rochelle, just to be on the save side, huh?)

Until next time . . . I love you

54 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Harvey and Delores Buy a New Rowboat

  1. Har, har, har! That was generous of Al to give away two weeks usage on his greatest invention. Bye now. I’m off to Just Galoshes to pick up a new pair of rubbers–boots that is.

  2. Row row row your Al’s oar boat! Thank goodness you still have your l2 weeks free of Internet. Old Ally did invent it after all. It’s the least he could do.

    Next, Tipper needs to come out with a line of tipperware.

  3. Dear Linda,

    I am too distracted by your clever dancing gif of Al the internet inventor/rowboat seller to tell you that this is one of the best and most lunatic posts of yours that I’ve ever read. If I didn’t know better I’d say you and Russell are living together in a double-wide somewhere out there and eating too many funny cookies. But it is. Wow.



    • Haha! Doug you are too shrewd! How did you guess? Don’t tell me. You saw us when we were featured on that episode of Cops!

      So glad you enjoyed this and thank you for your kind words. You’ll have to excuse me now, I think I hear Russell calling for more cookies!
      ” I’m coming Russell, keep your shirt on!”

  4. This is definitely my favorite flash of yours for as far back as I can remember which, with my aged brain, may not be that big of a compliment. 🙂 Al, the used boat salesman is hilarious and Tipper, priceless. You had a flood of good ones here.


    • LOL! Thanks Janet. You’re brain sounds just like my brain. Only sometimes I’ll write a post and by the end of the day I’ve forgotten what I’ve written about! (Well at least I wrote it down!) 😀

  5. Oh my. You’ll never Tipper. That was a joke of Fozzie Bear quality, darling, and I adore Fozzie Bear… WAKA WAKA WAKA

    • Yes why can’t Al solve Global Warming? That a really good quesion, Ron! On the other hand, if it ever does get solved, I’m sure Al will step up to take the credit for it! 😀

  6. At that last line, there’s a pish! from when the drumstick hits the cymbal. Fun all the way through your story. Al could use some business tips from Just Galoshes — sounds like they have their business down pat.

    • Al really could use some business tips, but then that guy seems to always come out on top no matter what he says or does. And I hope someday somebody will come up with some emoticon sound effects. Wouldn’t that be cool? I think the pish should be the first one!

    • Well it doesn’t really make sense. I just thought it was fun to put Tipper in there even though Al isn’t married to Tipper anymore. She recently divorced him, I hear.

  7. I’m afraid that being English, and not in the remotest bit interested in politics, I didn’t understand this. I know it’s meant to be funny, though and you’ve drawn good and funny characters using dialogue. I like the Al Gore gif. Ann

    • Oh thank you for your kinda words, Ann. I’m not surprised that you don’t know who Al Gore is. He’s a former vice-president of the United States who claimed to have invented the internet and who thinks he discovered Global Warming. He’s very bizarre and a wonderful source of humor for us Americans. 😀

  8. Belated thanks for that Al Gore animated GIF. It enabled me to get into the Guinness Book. When I saw it, I spit an Onyum 543 feet!! That GIF has been altered, tho– Al hasn’t been that skinny since he was a two-celled organism!! Now he’s so big, when they arrest him for greasy bag littering, they gotta put him in two cells!!

    Hope ya won a prize for this ‘un. It went down easy. If you were a waitress, I’d leave you a big Tipper!! : P

    • Oh Mark. I am so delighted you found your way to the Al Gore Gif! It must be some sort of optical illusion that he looks so skinny. Maybe it’s all that dancing. He’s probably gained it all back by now though from eating his funyuns from his two cells at Alcatraz. Everybody’s worried about the place though since one more Funyun could Tipper in the bay. Which would be a sad ending for our most beloved national hero, Alcatraz.

      So good to see you Mr. MacGiggles!! 😀

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