The Vegetable Lady Answers Some Questions

Dear Readers!  What a treat we have in store for us today!  The Vegetable Lady has been kind enough to stop by the blog and answer some of our most pressing vegetable questions!

A picture of a lady with a big toothy Grin Linda Vernon Humor
The Vegetable Lady will answer some questions

Our first question, Vegetable Lady, comes to us from  Reader, Phillip Flep, who asks: what is your favorite way to prepare tomatoes?

Tomatoes?  Golly Jeepers whenever I think of tomatoes, I always think of Christmas because that’s when Daddy, before he got lost at sea, would bring in a big platter of tomatoes, graham crackers and chocolate and  Mommy would set the Christmas tree on fire, and we’d make Smores!

Before Daddy bit into his, he would always say  “If I never see you again I love you,” but Golly Jeepers!  Mother and I could never figure out if he was talking to us or to the Smores.

This next question comes to us from Reader, Agamemnon Applebee, who asks: What’s the best way to get peas out of their pods?

Golly Jeepers it took Mother and I so long to figure that out!  Right after Daddy got lost at sea, we were awfully impoverished, so we had to live off peas until Mother and I  joined the circus.

Golly Jeepers!  It wasn’t easy to figure out how to get peas out of their pods until one day Mother borrowed a microscope and found out there was a teeny-tiny zipper in each pod!  Golly Jeepers!  I finally had time to get back to my sword swallowing practice after we found that out!

Our last question comes from Reader, Toots Tubaleeno, who asks:  What’s the best way to roast corn on the cob?

Well, after Mother and I joined the circus, Mother started roasting all our corn on the cob by positioning the cob between her teeth while  performing her flame juggling routine!  Golly Jeepers that was some good corn!

One night Mother set her beard on fire, which totally ruined her moonlighting job as the bearded lady in the freak show.  But Golly Jeepers! Mother sure went out on a lot more dates after that.

So let’s get this straight, Vegetable Lady, you’re telling us that your father was lost at sea, you set your Christmas Tree on fire every year to roast tomato smores, your mother is a bearded flame juggler and you swallow swords in your spare time?

Golly Jeepers!  When you put it that way it does sound a little strange.  I forgot to explain that I never swallow swords that don’t have a carrot stuck to the end!   Oh I’m so glad I remembered to add that!  Golly Jeepers! You would have thought I was pretty weird!

Well thank you for answering some questions for us today Vegetable Lady!

drawing by Linda Vernon Humor of the vegetable lady

Golly Jeepers!  You’re welcome!

* * *

Until next time, I love you

37 thoughts on “The Vegetable Lady Answers Some Questions

  1. Heeey now hold on! I’ve been peeling green beans all this while with an itty bitty knife when i could of found a zipper?? Why wasn’t that listed at the store?? Mph! No tomato smores for them! >:\

  2. Thank you for this…. I think. I’m…. well, it was interesting, let’s leave it at that…. and, if I ever hear, or see, the words, “Golly Jeepers” again, I may become even more homicidal than I am now….


    • LOL!! You know what I want to say to your comment don’t you, Ned. It’s two words. One starts with G and the second one starts with J. But I won’t write it out because I value my life! 😀

  3. Dear Vegetable Lady – I think you’re beautiful with your eggplant shaped head poised atop your celery stick nect, but alas, I am in love with an asparagus.

  4. LOL! Tomato S’mores!! YUM! The vegetable lady’s eyes look very bright and her teeth look very white and healthy – I’m guessing it’s from all those vegetables?

    • Ha!! Her teeth are quite white from the vegetables I would imagine. But the tomato smores have a tendency to build up between her teeth — so it’s a wash! (Maybe I should send her some mouthwash for her Birthday!)

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