Laughing at the Seventies not with Them

Dear Readers.  I would like to make a formal apology at this time to the decade of the 1970’s.  Lately, I’ve been mercilessly picking on how strange, weird and downright creepy the seventies were. But then, after not thinking about it very much, I decided who cares?  So join me won’t you as we laugh at the seventies and not with them.

Let’s flip through the pages of this Woman’s Day Knit & Stitch Magazine from 1973, shall we?

Vintage Magazine from the 70's

She’s a 70’s Gal, and she’s all gussied up in the  knitted robe and matching knitted knickers she knitted! knitted! knitted! herself!  Because in the seventies, not only did gals know how to knit! — they also knew how to pretend they were actually going to wear the stuff they knitted out in public!  But you never actually saw anyone out and about wearing a get-up such as this one, except for maybe Mick Jagger who combined a hat deceitfully tipped below one eye and a scarf (but it was apricot.)

Have Beach Mat Will Travel Will Not Have Fun!

Well here's a case where the sewing project has not only taken center stage but has also taken on far too much importance."
Well here’s a case where the 70’s sewing project has not only taken center stage, but also has taken over this poor woman’s life. Oh sure, she’s at the beach but all the fun is clearly being had by the beach mat itself. Do you get the feeling this 70’s woman doesn’t make a move without consulting the lady on her beach mat first?
All the instruction on how to make this beach bag that doubles as a beach towel are included in this magazine.  Unfortunately there are no instructions about how to go about picking shoes that fit.
All the instruction on how to make this groovy beach bag that doubles as a fun-loving beach mat are included in the magazine. Unfortunately, there are no instructions about how to tell if the  clogs you wear with it are three sizes too small.
Aside from the fact that this
Aside from the fact that this looks a little like the Second Coming of Christ (when shrunk down smaller),  it was also one of the miracle ways to kill some serious 70’s decade time.  The Heir-Loom was an ingenious gadget that made daisies and more daisies and more daisies until the daisy-maker became trapped in a sea of her own daisy-making madness.  She would go so nutty she would start making clothing out of the daisies and then a house and then a  car and then . . dear lord! . . . a daisy dust cover for the entire planet earth!  The only thing that will stop her is the second coming.  Pray for the second coming dear readers!  Pray like you’ve never prayed before!
Aside from the fact that this
See? When shrunk  doesn’t this picture look like the second coming?

And there you have it, Dear Reader. Today’s romp through the ridiculous fields the the 70’s.  I hope you had as much fun as I did laughing at the 70’s  expense!

Until next time . . . I love you

27 thoughts on “Laughing at the Seventies not with Them

    • So glad you liked it yerpirate. It was such a barren time for rock. I remember such atrocities as Musgrat Love and The theme to the Rockford Files playing on the radio. If they ever invent a time machine, I hope there’s not 70’s button on the control panel.

  1. Oh my God mom this is probably the funniest post you’ve written yet!! The daisies are taking over the world! And the small picture DOES look like the 2nd coming. Who knew Jesus was so fond of the 70’s?

    The too small shoes!! Hahahaha! !

    Also, what the heck is Mohair broomstick lace?!

    • The seventies were just so very weird! It’s getting harder and harder to find old magazines from the seventies anywhere. Is there anywhere in SLO that sells old magazines?

  2. “Make a skirt from Mohair Broomstick Lace”. Did we really waste a decade trying to find something useful to do with Mohair Broomstick Lace”? Also, the daisy jumpsuit maybe as romantic as candle light, but I wouldn’t advise the young lady wearing that little number near any naked flames. Especially seeing she doesn’t appear to be wearing any underwear.

    • I guess the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear under her daisy outfit must have been some sort of weird 70’s metaphor. (Rod McKuen probably wrote a poem about it.)

      Ha ha yes! I believe we did waste an entire decade fiddling around with broomstick lace. I also remember a lot of macrame plant hangers. In fact, now that I think about it, Seb, I can’t think of a single thing I liked about the 70’s!

  3. I recently started getting a new channel that shows the Soupy Sales Show. I wasn’t there to experience it, but this show made me think that the seventies must have been a very strange time. 🙂

    • Now that is just weird. I was just thinking the other day about incorporating Soupy Sales into a post. Not for any particular reason, mind you, but just because I really liked Soupy Sales. At least I’m remembering I liked him anyway!! (I had kind of a crush on him.) But then again, you know what? He was probably really bizarre too! HA!

  4. “And what a merry little mat this is!” …for some reason, I found that hysterical. I never envisioned beach mats being merry. Not even so much as mildly amused. They always seemed so serious.

    • Oh it was indeed Patrick. Even when I was living through them I thought they were weird. I remember being refreshed by the eighties! Which tells you how hard up I was for a new decade! 😀

  5. I recently watched a couple of videos of the 70s show, Midnight Special (hosted by Wolfman Jack). The Doobie Bros. and Tina Turner were okay. Most of the other groups on the show sucked, but I got a good laugh out of their costumes.

    • Oh I bet! I do remember Tina Turner having some pretty snazzy duds! And the Doobie Bros! I waited on them in 70’s when I was working in the coffee shop of a hotel they stayed at. They all sat at the counter, ordered baked potatoes with the works and proceed to get potatoes and sour cream in their beards. Their music always made me a little nauseous after that.

  6. People say that in forty years we’ll look just as stupid. Uh-uh. No we won’t. The sixties looked fine, the eighties looked fine. We look fine. The seventies combine idiocy and garishness, and didn’t look fine. And don’t look fine.

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