The Weekend Trifecta Writing Challenge: Disaster at the Farmer’s Market

The weekend Trifecta Challenge is as follows:

This weekend we are giving you three variations on a prompt.  We need you to give us 33 words back, and 2 of those words must be either “cheap flights,” “sandwiched in” or “spectacularly clean.”  This weekend, your piece must also be non-fiction (poetry or prose).  And yes, we reserve the right to call your mothers and former lovers to ask for verification on your tales.

Disaster at the Farmer’s Market

Twas my kin

Quite sandwiched in

‘twixt turnips and potatoes

Still alive, he had survived

The horrible tornadoes

I said to Jim (I called him Jim)

 “ Hope you remembered to get tomatoes.”

" uuuhhhhhh . . . ."
“Uh . . . “

This is a true story with the exception of the tornado (it was actually a light breeze from the air-conditioning vent), and we were at Safeway instead of the Farmer’s Market.  But my son, Jim, did remember to get tomatoes . . .  except they were potatoes.


Until next time . . . I love you

30 thoughts on “The Weekend Trifecta Writing Challenge: Disaster at the Farmer’s Market

    • You know if there’s one thing I always expected of you Braintomahawk it’s that you were a circus-level juggler. You mean all this time I’ve been reading the blog of a man who is only a children’s birthday party level juggler? Oh the horror!!!

  1. Brilliantly creative! I can understand the confusion between potatoes and tomatoes, but I sent my hubby to the markets once to buy me a suckling pig and he came back with a bag of feathers (go figure!) 😀

    • Haha Dianne!! Husbands have a tendency to do stuff like that! LOL!!I wonder how he found them on the shelf. My husband would come back with news that they were all out — what with his male pattern blindness! 😀

        • Hahaha! Well that would explain it then if someone just came up and actually physically handed them to him. I bet he was proud of himself when he got home with them too — if he’s anything like my husband! 😀

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