Electrical Mail Contact

Please contact me here:  lindavernonhumor@hotmail.com

This Is My Electrical Mail Address! Remember!  Never Send Electrical Mail When Wet!

You can contact me at this address in case of emergency . . . like if you’re being electrocuted! (Or even if you just want to contact me!)

7 thoughts on “Electrical Mail Contact

    • I often wondered abuot that but never pressed the button – you are so brave.. YOu have opened a whole new frontier for us all… really.. amd I love the drawng..L-) Now I have your email.. I will use it responsibly..but not seriously…serious is no fun… Love you 🙂

      • Haha Lizzie! Congratulations! You are the very first person to check out my new Electrical Mail Page! (besides me) I’m so glad it was you, cyberdaugthter! And e-mail me any time!! 😀 Love you too!

  1. I would like to send you an electric mail about a writing project. So if you see it, please don’t throw it in the virtual trash. Or print it up and throw it into the real trash – it goes in the recycling materials bin. Please.

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