Spill The Beans Saturday

Spill the Beans


Welcome, Dear Readers, to Spill the Beans Saturday where I confess personal things about myself that you may have suspected but you were much too polite to mention.


I’ve never tasted a peanut and jelly sandwich because I just intuitively know I’m not going to like it.

I think all professional sports would be vastly improved if they were all done on horseback.

I love steak, but for some reason looking at cows never makes me hungry.

I always order spaghetti with mizithra cheese whenever I go to the Spaghetti Factory but I always trip up trying to pronounce mizithra so now I just point to it on the menu like I don’t speak English.

I also can’t pronounce Quardotriticale but luckily it’s not on the Spaghetti Factory’s menu.

In the solar system, my favorite star is the sun, my favorite planet is earth and my favorite belt is the asteroid belt.

If I had a nickel for every quarter I ever had I’d have no idea how much money I’d have.  You wouldn’t happen to know would you?  (If so please don’t tell me, I’ll just feel bad.)

My favorite Spanish phrase is “Arroz con Pollo”followed closely by “mi tortilla es su tortilla.”

I would marry Norm McDonald very much.

When it comes to states that are completely surrounded by water, Hawaii is probably my favorite.

I really haven’t been that excited about space since they stopped calling it outer space.

I want to know what keeps really small hummingbirds from mating with great big dragon flies.

I’d definitely buy a bumpersticker that says “honk if you like to honk”

I think Trump should start his own line of cologne and call it:  Does it stink in here or is it just me?


And that concludes Spill the Beans Saturday.  Have a great day!

12 thoughts on “Spill The Beans Saturday

    • I’m good Mike! How are you? Norm McDonald is a Saturday Night Live comedian from the 90’s. He’s a little obscure now, but I still follow him and go to see he stand up whenever he comes to town.

  1. I’m inspired by your beans spilling – will you someday spill the pork and beans ? Or perhaps some other gravity-assisted legumes ? (Do you consider refried beans to be has-beans ?)

      • I agree, but not based on any personal experience. I never eat beans, much less “pork” and beans, although I have seen what has come out of those cans. Maybe it’s the other other white-ish meat. Sounds like time-capsule material. Did Andy Warhol paint any pork and beans cans ? Am I drifting off topic again …. ?

        • Yes I think he did paint some Pork ‘n Beans cans. I’m not sure I put the apostrophe in the right place when typing Pork’ ‘n Beans. I actually like the beans in Pork ‘n beans. It was the Pork’n I wasn’t too crazy about. I wonder if there was anybody who actually ate one of those!

          • For a moment, I thought I was reading the script from Entertainment Tonight. What an interesting expose’ on one of America’s least known humorist. I really loved the line about Trump cologne, and I’m sure millions of his supporters would order six bottles each if it were on the market tomorrow. The only problem is, how do you come of with something that stinky?

  2. I think the reason hummingbirds and dragonflies don’t marry is because hummers want to fly up the aisle backwards, and dragons want to roller skate. Huge conflict there.

    I agree about the tortillas, but mi ice cream is mi ice cream, comprende??

    I like to spill the jelly beans– then I like to play ‘Vacuum.’

    Great stuff, my dear Linda!!! 😂

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