New Post Suckcess at Last!

I’ve been trying to think of a topic to post about but something happened to my brain, Peanuts.  All my thoughts seemed to have settled to the bottom of my brain leaving me officially devoid of thought.

And take it from me, there’s nothing more boring than having one’s brain as empty as a keg of lager at a 5 a.m. frat party.

Not that Peanuts is an expert on frat parties.  Peanuts only knows what Peanuts has managed to observe through the stained-glass window of the  church rectory, but you get my point, I’m feeling dull, uninspired and  totally bored with myself.

Which is so weird because I normally lead such a madcap, whirling dervish existence!

Usually, I never know WHAT I’m going to do next!

For instance, sometimes I’ll go to the  grocery store to buy a tub of tapioca pudding and then, for no apparent reason, I’ll suddenly go flat-out wackadoodle, and say “Screw that!”

Next thing you know, I’m pulling into a Reserved for Frozen Yogurt Customer’s Only parking space!


Sometimes, when I pick up that scoop for the chocolate sprinkles, I’ll suddenly decide “Sprinkles be hanged!”

And then, I’ll haphazardly as all get out set down that chocolate sprinkles scoop  and I’ll reach, instead, for the scoop in the container labeled Mochi!  That’s right.  You read that correctly: MOCHI!

It’s from Japan.  It means “sticky rice cake” in Japanese.  So putting mochi on my yogurt in the United States of America is — by my calculations — equivalent to the excitement of  eating a  big huge bowl of sticky rice at a sidewalk cafe in downtown Tokyo while wearing nothing but a  sleeveless cotton top and a pair of lightweight capris in the midst of a  chilly breeze that kicks up during the pregnant pause just seconds before Godzilla snatches me up and eats me on his way to the local university to eat an entire frat party.

"Mmm . . . . frat party!"

So you see that’s the kind of madcap whirling dervishness that normally makes my blog bubble with excitement.

So until Peanuts gets back online, I’m going to have to resign myself to the fact that the act of posting may produce somewhat mixed results.  Oh I’ll succeed alright, but I may have to add a “k” in there somewhere.

Until next time . . . I love you

8 thoughts on “New Post Suckcess at Last!

  1. Lol…My my Lady you are living on the edge! You gotta know I loved this post and relate completely;. I always gotta lol at some point but what’s even cooler is the lingering chuckle during the day. Suck? No! And I’m not opposed to Godzilla eating a frat party….wouldn’t hurt to knock em down a notch or 2. I’ve see n what happens at those things. Hve a great day!
    Peace 🙂

  2. You are a wild and crazy lady! The title of this blog makes me laugh a lot.

    Sometimes I live on the edge like you. I figure “what the heckfire” and order myself a latte with SOY milk AND French vanilla which is almost as if I’ve ordered a vanilla crepe from a street vendor in France who smells bad and refuses to speak to me in English.

  3. Hilarious that you named your brain Peanuts. We should all name our brains, since they seem to function independently of…well, everything. Or not at all.

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