Friday Fictioneers: A Day at Mermen Realty

Welcome Dear Readers!  You might be wondering why I’ve been absent from Friday Fictioneers of late.   The truth is I was lost at the dry  cleaners.  They never did find me.  I’ve been replaced with a clone.  I’m just like my original self except I smell more like chemicals than I used to.

And now onto some Friday Fictioneer 100-word fiction fun!  Hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple.  Today’s really cool picture was provided to us by Dawn Q. Landau over at Tales of the Motherland.

Copyright-Dawn Q. Landau
Copyright-Dawn Q. Landau

 A Day at Mermen Realty

A million for this? You gotta be kidding!

It was Poseidon’s Hollywood-crowd hideaway.  There’s Hollywood history everywhere!  See this?  That’s not just any stain.  That’s where Ethel Merman threw up seaweed pate! And lookee!  Here’s where Darrel Hannah carved her initials.

In the toilet seat?

That’s another good feature –indoor plumbing!

But there’s only a seat.

You’re half-way there, then, aren’t you?

But there’s no roof?

Roof schmoof!  It’s beachfront.

And the beach is . . . .

It appears when the tide’s out.

A million huh?

Listen, you could get $998,999 for the Ethel Merman stain alone.

Okay Zeus.  It’s a deal!

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you







49 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: A Day at Mermen Realty

  1. Great oh smelly one of chemicals. So happy a clone has been found Linda2. So long as said clone retains your zany sense of humour we bloggers will be happy. Oh and great story by the way.

  2. If you’d only used the eco-friendly cleaners that chemical smell would never have happened. Have to hand yourself out to air for a bit, I guess. As for the story, I rest on P. T Barnum’s famous saying.


  3. Welcome back Linda; we’ve missed you! Love this fun dialogue that goes to the heart of the image. I too was left wondering all about it, and despite its actual use (bathroom), it had a magical quality to me, when I saw it. Love your take, and thanks for sharing a link to my blog; much appreciated!

    • Thank you! I’m glad to be back. This was just such a fabulous, fun picture! And that the fact that it was a bathroom just made it all the better. I hope you’ve got this picture framed some where in your house — the bathroom perhaps . . .

  4. Dear Linda,

    I have missed you. Although, I have to admit…I find the image of Ethel Merman spewing seaweed pate a little disturbing. 😉 Great to have to you back. Smiling and laughing by turns.



    • Ah! Thank yo Rochelle! I must admit I find the idea of seaweed spewing off-putting as well. Luckily I never picture anything I write while I’m eating. Happy to be back though and looking forward to a fun Friday Fictioneer Year!

  5. Zeus should have billed the toilet seat as Poseidon’s throne rather than the repository of Darryl Hannah’s initials (or he could shill the combination of the two and take the price even higher). Fun, Linda.

  6. Oh, no, not the chemicals again! We’ll sort through your things for the claim check and see if we can rescue you! Loved your story, what a salesman!

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