Circular Vacationing

Copyright John Dixon

George where are you? I hear you — but I can’t see you.

I’m by the crooked tree!

Which one?

The one shaped like an S.

But they’re all shaped like an S.

I’m by the one that has a curlicue branch growing out of it.

But they all have curlicue branches growing out of them.

It’s wizened!

Oh wizened. That’s helpful, George.

Hey! You’re the one who insisted on vacationing at Macramé World, Marge!  Marge?  Marge?

I’m over here, George!


By the crooked tree!

Which one?

The one that’s shaped like an S.

* * *

If you would like to participate in Friday Fictioneers, go to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple, write a 100-word story inspired by this week’s picture and  link up.  It’s fun!  It’s refreshing! You’ll like it! 

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The Smears of a Clown

Welcome to Wednesday (again)!  It ‘s time for Friday Fictioneers.

Here’s this weeks 100-word story inspiration picture by Janet Webb over at  This, That and the Other Thing:

Copyright Janet Webb

The Smears of a Clown

Penelope Snoots was the talk of the town

When she married a man from the circus (a clown)

Who thought himself clever at messing around

With oil paints, charcoals and color crans (brown)


His  pockets were empty – he was really quite vain

(Though his face was Picasso on drugs when it rained)

Yet Penelope loved him in ways unexplained

Cause her wine limit was . . . shall we say . . .  unconstrained?


One day he took fruit and chopped it up nicely

Combined strawberries, wine and cantaloupes thricely

He killed her and placed her on ice cubes concisely

Then he painted Penelope’s portrait precisely


"See how much better I can paint you when you hold still, Penelope?"
“See how much better I can paint you when you hold still, Penelope?  I know you can’t answer that.  It was rhetorical.”

Of course Wednesday means it’s time for 100-words of fun hosted every week by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple.  Pop over and join us.  The more the merrier!

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Friday Fictioneers: Let There Be Loot

Welcome Dear Readers to Friday Fictioneers hosted most graciously every week  by Rochelle at Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple.  

This week we are writing a 100-word story for a picture taken by Dawn  at Lingering Visions who has some  beautiful pictures on her blog for your viewing pleasure.

Copyright Dawn M. Miler
Copyright Dawn M. Miler

Let There Be Loot

Pendleton! Round up these lamps and return them immediately!

I can’t.


They were on sale — buy one, get 37  half off.

I’m not buying it, Pendleton.

Funny you should mention not buying.

Pendleton you didn’t rob–

Just Lamps?  Yes I did actually.

But you just got released from prison for robbing—

Just Toast Ovens.  I know.

Will you be going on the lam now, Pendleton?

Yes, but I have one stop to make first.

Where Pendleton? Just Shades?


Just Bulbs?  Just Cords?

I’m leaving now dear.

Just On/Off Switches?

Take care of yourself!

Just Sockets?

I’ll write.

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

The First 100 Words of Constanza Credenza

Welcome Dear Readers!  While I was climbing to the top of Wednesday, I  accidentally slipped and fell into Thursday.  I coudn’t reach my computer as  it was still in Wednesday!   My computer finally caught up with me this morning!  Just in time for Friday Fictioneers on Thursday.  Yay!   A round of calendars for everyone — on me!

Thank you to Rochelle at Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple who’s hard work makes it possible for us to have so much 100-word writing fun!

This week’s picture is brought to us by Claire Fuller.  Visit   Claire Fuller   and read about her fantastic novel publishing success!


The First 100 Words of Constanza Credenza

Constanza Credenza had horrible eyes

She saw splotches and blotches (they weren’t organized)

She’d grope around blindly while trying to fake

Like she knew that the pie she was eating was cake


Constanza Credenza had horrible feet

Whenever she put on her Keds they’d preheat

So that placing a piece of white bread on her shoe

Would cause it to toast to a golden brown hue


Constanza  Credenza was horribly rude

Plus when she sat down her pancreas moo-ed!

The poor dear, she drank and was often besotted

(But to list all her faults takes more words than allotted)

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you













Friday Fictioneers: Babette Bladderini Gets a Better Part

Guess what Dear Readers?  I was running in the house yesterday and somebody left a calendar on the floor and I tripped over Tuesday and landed flat on my Wednesday.  Luckily, I was able to hobble to my keyboard and cobble together a 100-word story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers.

Björn Rudberg provided the picture this week.  He’s a really wonderful writer and you can magically materialize over at his blog and check out all his great stuff here   → Yes! I want to magically materialize over at Bjorn’s Blog!

Little Village
Copyright – Björn Rudberg

Babette Bladderini Gets a Better Part

The day Babette Bladderini was killed in a landslide was a strange blessing. Babette was born between bullets exchanged by the Bladderini clan and their mortal enemies, the Parcheesi’s.

While being born, a bullet grazed Babette’s head, leaving a permanent part in her hair a little too far to the left, and Babette’s fate was sealed.  She lived her entire existence never knowing a good hair day.

Then, a landslide.  The Parcheesi house slid over the top of Babette’s head, killing her instantly while simultaneously parting her hair right down the middle.

Oh that fate.  Always a day late and a dollar short.

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

If you would like to try your hand at  Friday Fictioneers, pop over to our Friday Fictioneers’ hostess’s blog at Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple and Rochelle to get all the details.  And don’t worry, she won’t give you an apron and a big stack of dishes to wash.  (I think she finally got her dishwasher fixed).

Friday Fictioneers: Earth’s Shimmering Orb and Whatnot

Welcome Dear Readers!  It’s time once again for Friday Fictioneers where writers from all over the wold gather to play a rousing game of football.  Oh wait . . . never mind — I was thinking of the Friday Buccaneers.

Actually Friday Fictioneers (organized by Rochelle Wisoff Fields over at addicted to purple) get together once a week to write a 100-word story prompted by a picture — which this week is provided to us by Erin Leary over at erinlearywrites.  Hop over and take a look a look around Erin’s blog.  I think you’ll find she’s as good a writer as she is a photographer.

This is such a beautiful picture prompt this week, but, of course, my brain, Peanuts, had to completely ignore all the beautiful scenarios that could have been created and came up with the following instead:

Copyright — Erin Leary

Earth’s Shimmering Orb and Whatnot

Betty watched as earth’s shimmering orb slowly deflated into the milky horizon almost like a slowly deflating tire but not exactly, of course.

Then Betty noticed that the beauty of the scene was causing her eyes to fill up with tears in direct proportion to the speed of the air being released from the tire Betty was imagining — which caused Betty to do two things:  1) Marvel at the perfection of the universe and 2) remind her husband, Bob, to check the air pressure on the tires of her Volvo and maybe check the oil too and whatnot.

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

Friday Fictioneers: A Day at Mermen Realty

Welcome Dear Readers!  You might be wondering why I’ve been absent from Friday Fictioneers of late.   The truth is I was lost at the dry  cleaners.  They never did find me.  I’ve been replaced with a clone.  I’m just like my original self except I smell more like chemicals than I used to.

And now onto some Friday Fictioneer 100-word fiction fun!  Hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple.  Today’s really cool picture was provided to us by Dawn Q. Landau over at Tales of the Motherland.

Copyright-Dawn Q. Landau
Copyright-Dawn Q. Landau

 A Day at Mermen Realty

A million for this? You gotta be kidding!

It was Poseidon’s Hollywood-crowd hideaway.  There’s Hollywood history everywhere!  See this?  That’s not just any stain.  That’s where Ethel Merman threw up seaweed pate! And lookee!  Here’s where Darrel Hannah carved her initials.

In the toilet seat?

That’s another good feature –indoor plumbing!

But there’s only a seat.

You’re half-way there, then, aren’t you?

But there’s no roof?

Roof schmoof!  It’s beachfront.

And the beach is . . . .

It appears when the tide’s out.

A million huh?

Listen, you could get $998,999 for the Ethel Merman stain alone.

Okay Zeus.  It’s a deal!

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you