Friday Fictioneers: Newberry’s Ambition

Welcome Dear Readers to this week’s Friday Fictioneer 100-word story, picture prompt.  I’m mighty glad to be participating this week, having had to sit out last week’s fun due to shoelacing difficulties.   As always, thank you to our hostess, Rochelle, at Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple.

Copyright - Sean Fallon
Copyright – Sean Fallon

Newberry’s Ambition

Plastic men have ambitions too.  Newberry’s ambition was flight.

Newberry was originally meant to be an angel, but careless removal from his mold snapped off his wings.

So, when no one was looking, Newberry tried to achieve flight by flapping his arms.  One day his arms came unhinged, slipped to the floor through the dark-blue sleeves of his casual, button-down cardigan and collided with a pair of four-inch heels — launching the occupant therein airborn until she finally came to rest on the makeup counter two isles over.

Newberry had achieved flight!

Armless ergo handless, Newberry gave himself a mental thumbs up.

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

Friday Fictioneers: Brunhilda’s Amphitheater

Welcome Dear Readers to Friday Ficitoneers where writers are challenged to write a 100-word story about the picture that’s posted each week .  

Here’s this week’s picture:

Copyright Sandra Crook
Copyright Sandra Crook

Brunhilda’s Amphitheater 

 With an amphitheater in her backyard, Brunhilda lacked for nada

She’d climb to the top of the stairs each day and eat an enchilada

With an amphitheater in her backyard, Brunhilda bought a slinky

She’d let it go at the top of the stairs then watch til it got dinky

With an amphitheater in her backyard, Brunhilda had the audacity

For giving parties of 5,000 or more because, hey! She had the capacity

With an amphitheater in her backyard, Brunhilda thanked the gods

Because having an amphitheater so close, I mean really now — what are the odds?

This week’s picture was brought to us via the courtesy of Sandra Crook’s camera. Thank you Sandra!   And, of course, thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields over at Addicted to Purple who sets up this super-fun challenges for everyone each week.

 Until next time  . . . I love you

Friday Fictioneers: The Trouble with Little Poindexter

Welcome Dear Readers!  In, this, The Golden Age of Blogging, another day means another story. And so, let us now turn our attention to this weird and wonderful picture of a giant bee provided as a story prompt for the weekly Friday Fictioneers 100-word story writing challenge.

Friday Fictioneers Linda Vernon Humor

If you look closely behind the bee’s left foot, you can barely make out Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, our Friday Fictioneers’ hostess, sewing us some Official Friday Fictioneer Uniforms!   She’s still having a little trouble with those French cuffs. But she’s doing her best so please everyone stop nagging her!

Until then, Rochelle says we should write a 100-word story about the giant bee picture provided courtesy of Jennifer Pendagast at Elmowrites.

The Trouble with Little Poindexter

I’m worried about our little Poindexter, Arthur.

You worry too much, Martha.

 But Poindexter’s so different from other children, Arthur.

Different  how?

He’s big for his age, and he only eats pollen.  And then there’s his–

His what?

Well none of the other children have antennas, Arthur!

Are you saying he’s a freak?

No, no of course not!  It’s just that . . .

That what?

Well today he stung one of his classmates and had to stay after class.

Did you have a talk with him?

I tried to.


He told me to buzz off.

And there you have it, Dear Readers.  I’m happy to say this story passed the finish line at exactly 100 words.

Until next time . . . I love you