Peculiar Poetry: Coma for the Holidays

Coma for The Holidays

As the time between Christmas and New Years drags by

And you’ve opened you gifts and you’ve ate all the pie


And you’ve cleaned out your junk drawer and counted your change

And you’ve sung every note that you know in your range


And you’ve twiddled your thumbs and the thumbs of your friends

And you’ve read every book that your library lends


And you’ve watched every Netflix and Blockbuster show

And you whipped up a cake; and ate all of the dough


Well just when you think gosh time must have gone by

You look up at the sun and it’s 12 o’clock high


Then all of a sudden, you’re whacked on the head

Sending you into a coma (not dead)


It’s something that’s certainly glum and morose

But is it really that bad spending time comatose?


As the time between Christmas and New Year’s drags by

You’ll say wake me at New Year’s . . . no wait that’s a lie


(you might as well profit from events gone awry)

On second thought . . . make that the Fourth of July

Until next time . . . I love you



14 thoughts on “Peculiar Poetry: Coma for the Holidays

  1. You, my Dear Linda, are my favorite bard. Or is it bardess ? I’m often politically correctless. Or even politically cor-reckless.

  2. Loved this Linda! Hope you are awake and really enjoy as the new year begins. Happy New Year and love to you and the kids

  3. One almost needs the time between Christmas and New Years to be ‘if not comatose’ at least recuperating with lots of rest and sleep… oh no… about those exchanges that need to be done… and the phone calls to thank everyone, or to wish a belated Merry Christmas or an early Happy New Year…. maybe comatose fits after all…. lol Happy New Year Linda and many blessings !! Diane

  4. Is it really that bad spending time comatose?

    That just became one of my favorite lines ever, and I’m going to use it a lot in the coming year, especially to justify my behavior!! A wunnaful, wunnaful poem, my dear Linda, mit der nize li’l twist at the end, and a superb cartoon and/or inaction figure!! Always a pleasure, and I’m wishing you a Happy, i.e., Comatose, New Year!! : )

    • It is an inaction figure! Hahaha!! It’s so good to hear from you Markie McGiggles. You always put the coma in my tose! I hope all is well with you and yours and that you have a happy and wonderful 2018!!

  5. Oh, well…So that kind of sinks the idea of my popping over to Linda and having a few New Year drinks and peanuts? If only you could see how far I had got with my sequinned tuxedo. Clearly, I have joined the wrong online prose class and shall be seeking a partial refund. This poem by Linda shoots to the number one slot, passing McGowan’s “Fairy Tale of New York” in a sparkle of 2018 Vernon. I was expecting a big stage number with flamingos but no, she goes all Film bloody Noire on me…

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