Ten Signs You Overdid Thanksgiving!

Welcome Dear Readers!! First I want to thank you all for  the lovely comments you’ve been kind enough to leave on my blog this past week.  I haven’t had a chance to respond to them as yet as I  have two new grand babies staying over Thanksgiving, and I have to get my adorable fix in while the gettin’s good! 

Now for today’s post:

Ten Signs You Overdid Thanksgiving

It’s been a couple of days since you’ve seen any of your pets.

The only thing you own that fits comfortably now is your trampoline.

You’ve worn your teeth down to such a degree that now they can only be described as “implied.”

You’re experiencing eater’s remorse over not taking the pies out of the pans before scarfing them down.

It’s official!  As of this morning, you are now storing the leftovers for every refrigerator within walking distance in your very own stomach.

You have to use sign language when you want to communicate because your tongue collapsed from exhaustion.

You cried yourself to sleep last night because you fear there may never again be room for Jello.

You have decided to replace the lion in your family crest with the more appropriate symbolism of the fatest person on earth.

You can now go through the rest of your life secure in the knowledge that nothing is too big for you to swallow.

And the Number One sign you ate too much at Thanksgiving Dinner:

Instead of crying tears of joy, you are now crying gravy of joy.


Until next time . . . I love you

42 thoughts on “Ten Signs You Overdid Thanksgiving!

  1. I must take note of these Linda as Christmas is looming and similar situations could occur. So now a diet? And Gkids are a lot of fun aren’t especially when they are tiny ones.

    • And both my new grandbabies are tiny. One is 9 months old and a ten months old. I volunteered to babysit them both at the same time! What was I thinking? They both got hungry simultaneously and I was about fit to be tied!! I was so exhausted two hours later when everyone got back. I completely forgot how much work they are! (Nature’s way of keeping the human species going I guess.) 😀

  2. “Crying Gravy of Joy” – Linda Vernon’s breath-taking new cookery book! 700 wipe-resistant, carbon hungry, irresponsibly sourced pages includes amazing ‘eat yourself slim’ section. Free Nigella Lawson cocaine pouch for the first 100 buyers!

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