Friday Fictioneers: Life at the End of a Styrofoam Cup

Welcome Dear Readers and Friday Fictioneers!  Well tomorrow’s Thanksgiving and what better way to prepare a huge feast for a house full of turkey gobblers than to write a 100-word appetizer.

Here’s the  picture Rochelle over at Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple  has provided for this week’s Firday Fictioneer shenanigans.

Copyright - Ted Strutz
Copyright – Ted Strutz

 Life on the End of a Styrofoam Cup

Captain Crimony steers the ferryboat with his boot and expertly sips his Irish coffee through a Styrofoam cup he holds between his teeth and plays solitaire.

Thus, Captain Crimony plows through the murky waters of Puget Sound like a willful child plows through a slab of wet cement, day in and day out.

One day, Captain Crimony hits an oil tanker.

Now, Captain Crimony sits on his couch, and expertly sips his Irish coffee in a Styrofoam cup he holds between his teeth, and plays solitaire.

Thus, he awaits  his disability checks, day in and day out.

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

32 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Life at the End of a Styrofoam Cup

  1. Oh Captain Crimony! If only you would have been drinking from a recycled paper cup, you’d probably hit an Eco friendly island full of cute, biodegradable natives instead of that oil rig.

    • I agree! Captain Crimony is kind of sad and when I saw the picture, it reminded me of when I lived in Seattle. Six of the worst years of my life because it rained almost everyday the whole time. Seattle is such a depressing dismal place, (Pretty when the sun comes out though — for about ten minutes each month).

  2. I loved the parallels with this — I wonder if you could turn this tale into a quasi-palindrome — not with letters or even words, but with sentences. It would end the same as it begins.
    Great job as usual.

  3. I’m amazed I’ve got this far into reading the linkz without even an oblique reference to the infamous Concordia captain. Great title, well-constructed with the repetition, and a great story.

  4. Dear Linda,

    Either way Captain Crimony gets to sip his Irish coffee and play solitaire. What an operator. Love the repetitive construction. Quite effective.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Shalom,


  5. happy birthday cybermom:-!! I love you and miss you ..hope your day is wonderful..hope all of them are. ((((((hugs))))))) & love infinity 🙂
    Lizzie ❤

    great story too 😉

    • Cyberdaughter!!! You remembered!! Thank you so so much. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone since we first discovered each other!! And here we both are still blogging away! I hope everything is great with you!! ((((hugs! to you too)))) ❤ Mom!!

      • hahaha its Saturday! I am Early!!! (right? I mean your bday is tomorrow… right?) HA i just realized it is Saturday.. better early then fallling asleep in the 11th hour and missing the entire thing! I am EARLY for your bday – this is huge! Love you ..I get to say it again tomorrow.. lol ♥

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