Trifecta Writing Challenge: The Life and Times of Spinkz Mccoy

Here’s what the Trifecta Writing Challenge  was for this weekend:

For this weekend, we want to play on an oft-noted literary concept: that of the opening line of a book (also known as an incipit, if you’re fancy).  A great first line can reel in the audience, set the pace for the entire piece, and make for an enjoyable read right off the bat.  Conversely, a weak opening can lose readers before the characters even have a chance.  There are lots of great sites and books dealing with the idea of the incipit.  Here’s just one.

So here’s the beginning sentence to my imaginary novel:

The Life and Times of Spinkz Mccoy

Spinkz Mccoy

Used car salesman Spinkz Mccoy figured the key to his success was due to the fact that he was as honest as the day is long on the shortest day of the year.

And there you have it, Dear Reader! This challenge was a lot of fun — I highly recommend it!

35 thoughts on “Trifecta Writing Challenge: The Life and Times of Spinkz Mccoy

  1. I suspect Spinkz’ success has to do with other things that he wouldn’t want to admit. I’m ready to find out. BTW, the photo is perfect.

    • Haha! Yes I thought that photo really hit the nail on head. He does seem kind of interesting at that. Maybe he’ll have to have to take center stage in the next challenge! 😀

    • Ha ha! Yes little Spinkzter! He was to the manor born! (The manor being a used car lot!) It’s funny how people do live up to their names sometimes. And here’s where I would list examples . . .if I could think of any! LOL 😀

    • I bought a car from him too. It was a 1959 Studebaker Lark Deluxe for $250. My second car after the Corvair he sold me, my first car $150 went bust! I got them off the a used car lot called Honest Mike’s in Walla Walla, WA! (1971) I don’t think Honest Mkie is in business anymore.

      Oh and thank you, Guap! It was a fun challenge, wasn’t it?

  2. “It was a dark and stormy deal…” –because I bought my used car from Spinkz McCoy, known for his Winter Solstice-grade integrity… : P

    Looking forward to the book– I love a good cry… : (

    • Haha! Well now the book itself is a whole other story! Sorry to say Spinkz Mccoy only makes a cameo on the winter solstice — so it’s kind of a let down from the first sentence. Maybe I could make his side kick FrankenAl just to breath a little two by four humor into it! 😀

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