Trifecta 33-Word Writing Challenge: Why I Write

Hello Dear Readers!  Time for The Trifecta 33-Word Writing Challenge in which we were prompted to write 33 words about why we write.

Why I Write

Oh there once was a woman of sixty

Neither born nor raised in Poughkeepsi

But she must write a book

Before death pulls its hook

Or at least before she breaks a hipsi

“Oopsy! I think I just broke my hipsi!”

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

38 thoughts on “Trifecta 33-Word Writing Challenge: Why I Write

    • Thank you, Imelda, for your very kind words! It will be interesting to see what happens with National Novel Writing Month. Are you going to give it a go? I’ve decided to commit! 😀

  1. I think you should write a book about your experience in the ballet, you’re pain and heartache after breaking your hip, and your triumphant return to the stage as Princess Leia in the Disney ballet adaptation of Star Wars.

    • OMG Lucid! Your comment has made my month!! I would be honored to answer the ten questions! Thank you! 😀 I don’t know much about my book as yet as I just started it but it’s about a character named Sarah Bubbles who popped up (so to speak) in one of the Trifecta challenges! Trifecta plays a huge role in my writing life, I gotta say! 😀

  2. Lovely, looney limerick. A small point, but you might get more writing done with a broken hip. I’m just saying…in my perverse way of thinking. I think I see a sly grin on the woman in silhouette!

  3. Ha! I love the tongue-in-cheek-ness here, but also the honest sentiment: the drive and desire to write a book before kicking the bucket. That’s on my list, too. 🙂

  4. Haw! My hipsi’s OK, but my gutsi’s busti after laughin’ so hard. Somewhere there’s a Limerick Prize waiting to be picked up. Get yer coat, I’ll pay for the taxi… : )

    No doubt in my mind you could write a novel, but why not collect a buncha yer posts and publish them? You’re a quick hitter and master of the short form, which is perfect for the modern truncated attention span!!

    Well, well– just a thought… : )

    • Ha ha! Mark. So that’s why there’s been a Taxi outside my house all morning! 😀

      I definitely like writing the shorter stuff better. So far my novel is just a series of 333 word stories that I’m trying to tie together with some sort of plot. HA!

      I would really love to get a collection of short pieces from my blog and put them together somehow and send them out! I start to think how I might organize it and then I start to get confused . . . and that’s usually as far as I get, Mark! LOL!! Unfortunately I tend to be like the person who jumped on the horse and road off in every direction! I definitely have a “modern” attention span! LOL! 😀

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