I Can’t Believe How Young I Feel!

Hello Dear Readers. I hope you all had a wonderful week and that you will have an even more wonderful weekend. 

For me, this week started out by driving an hour and 20 minutes to my dentist to get new trays for my Invisilign braces (which I’m loving by the way).

And I am happy to report, Dear Readers, that the hillbilly tooth that was nearly sticking perpendicularly out of my mouth (making it look like I just had the one), has been almost completely rehabilitated into a Responsible Citizen of the Mouth!

The dentists and his assistant were very proud of me for wearing my braces regularly!  I thought I did a good job too for a little girl who is only 60. (Although they didn’t give me even so much as a sticker for it, even though I drove so far.  But I didn’t want to say anything.)

Then the next day I went shopping with one of my pregnant daughters, Nikki, for maternity clothes.  I say one of my pregnant daughters because I have two pregnant daughters! My oldest daughter, Jackie, is also pregnant!

Nikki, Jackie and me

So Nikki and I went to H & M which is a young person’s clothing store.  You can tell this the minute you walk in the door because the music is loud, very, very loud.

It was weird though because the only people in the store besides Nikki and I were a bunch of old ladies.

So I decided to try on a couple of things (well all the other old ladies were!).  But when I went up to the Dressing Room Girl holding some clothes, she said in an incredulous tone, “YOU want to try those on?”

Judging from the crowd of Geritols milling around in the store, you’d think she would have been used to us old ladies trying to recapture our youths by shopping in stores that played music at hip-breaking decibels.  But no.

In fact, for a second there I didn’t think she was going to let me. For a second there, I thought she was going to ask for my ID.

Finally, she mouthed for me to “go on in” figuring, correctly, that I was deaf from the music. (Maybe she decided that it was never too late to be the deci-Bell of the ball — ha ha.)

Now, in addition to the synapse-scrambling music, this H & M store also had backwards escalators in that the side of the escalator that went up was instead, on the side that should have gone down, etc. and maybe even vice versa — but for sure etc.

Frankly, I see it as yet another attempt like the very loud music and the Dressing Room Girl Centurion to keep old ladies like me from wanting to shop in their store and why not?  You gotta admit, nothing dulls the cutting edge of fashion faster than a room full of elastic waistbands and comfortable shoes and gray roots.

Anyway, in the end, Nikki found some really cute maternity clothes and I bought myself a cute,  little pink sweatshirt with fur around the hood (hoodie?).

And I’m telling you Dear Readers, You can’t believe how young I feel because of it!    I don’t feel a day over 55!

Maybe it’s because my new pink hoodie really goes good with my braces!

Ah . . . now if I can just find  my skate key . . .

Until next time . . . I love you

21 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe How Young I Feel!

  1. I look forward to seeing your new conforming tooth AND pink sweatshirt with fur on the hood! Sometimes I attempt to shop at the store Forever 21 (when clearly I am NOT) and the music is so loud you leave with $50 worth of cheap clothing, a migraine and a vow to start shopping at something called Forever Over 21.

    • Haha! I went with Nikki to Forever 21 and there was F21 labels on everything and I remarked about how Nikki must like the F21 label because all the ones she picked had that label on it.

      It should be called Forever Over 21 either that or Briefly 21. HA!

  2. I know sooo what you mean about being ‘older’ and looking in the younger generation’s stores…I feel like saying out loud…”I’m looking for a gift..not for myself…it’s okay you can relax!”….Diane

  3. Ahhh! I’m falling behind on my Linda Vernon posts!!!
    But I have good reason… We got an offer on our house, Linda!! Hooray!!! I’m sporadically checking on wordpress but mostly running around. I’m picturing the SOLD sign on the post, just like you suggested.
    Once I have some time I’ll catch up. Didn’t want you to worry. I’m thinking about you and hope all is well and happy on your end.
    Be back soon!!

    • All is well and happy here and I’m so thrilled for you! I’ve been thinking of you too. I really think we are on the same wavelength Lisa! Oh have so much fun running around! It’s just all so exciting! 😀 See you soon! ❤

  4. Okay, I’m back. WOW, Linda!!! Two pregnant daughters. I’m soo jealous. I really want Lily to have a baby but she’s told me, quite firmly, that she’s only interested in getting a dog right now, no babies for awhile. Shoot. My baby needs will continue to go unmet.
    H&M is one of those stores that tends to cater to a specific demographic, namely those whose ears don’t bleed at high decibels. The Deci-Bell of the ball! haha!
    Congrats on your invisaligns and pink hoodie! I feel cool just knowing your my friend. 😉

    • I can’t believe how lucky I am and how fun it’s going to be! My head has been spinning ever since I found out. (Either that or I have something going on with my inner ears!) Either way I’m dizzy with happiness! 😀

      Well, Lily has to wait and have a baby until you’re closer anyway, Lisa! You sold your house!! OMG!!!!! I am sooo happy for you Lisa! Oh the joy!! What fun and exciting things await you. I want to live through it all vicariously so I hope you’ll keep us posted on ALL the details. (Which I know you will!) I hope you can move to California. You’ve already got a friend here, ME!!

  5. Congratulations on the two pregnant daughters, Linda – WOW – you have a very big year ahead 🙂
    I find those ‘young peoples’ shops don’t understand what a ‘size’ is 😉

  6. size zer- zero ppl fit 🙂 very funny… warm wishes for beautiful grandchildren, whom I am sure will give u great company in their newgen shopping 😉

  7. Stoopid Dressing Room Girl Centurion!! I hope a Hillbilly Tooth starts growing out of her ear!! No, make that both ears!!

    Hope your daughters are doin’ A-OK. Lucky young-uns-to-be– they’re gonna have the funniest, coolest grandmammy around!! Happy Thanksgiving to the whole clan, and that includes 37– and I’m sure it will be He– He, himself, 37– what carves the Roast Beast!! : P

    • LOL Mark! You’ve just giving me a wonderful idea for the next Trifecta Challenge. It Came From Hillbilly Outer Space and Boy Was It Hungry! Haha!

      Oh my daughters are doing great! I’m in happy grandmammy shock!! Oh what fun we will have!

      And we had the most fun Thanksgiving we’ve ever had! We ate a lot and laughed a lot and made a really big mess! 37 went to carve the roast beast and I must have cooked it a little too long because when he took it out of the cooking bag all the meat just fell off the bones! Well it made his job easier!! And of course I meant for it to do that!! 😀

      I have a lot to be thankful for indeed and not the least of which is you Mark! You spread good humor and good cheer everywhere you go! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with you and yours! You deserve all good things!!!:D

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