My Brain, Peanuts, Thinks Up Some Inventions

Hello Dear Readers!  Happy Friday to you all.  I thought today might be as good a time as any to take a look at some of the inventions, my brain, Peanuts dreamed up.

The Underwater Bicycle

My brain, Peanuts, woke up one morning with this idea.  Instead of scuba divers swimming everywhere; they could explore the ocean floor by riding around on their underwater bicycles. Of course, when I told everyone about this idea they got a good laugh,  but really why wouldn’t it work?

Underwater Bicycle
Scuba Diver Riding the proposed Underwater Bicycle

The Minty Breath-o-rizer

Here’s a fantastic idea that Peanuts came up with a couple years ago.  It’s simply a breath mint that one would attached to one’s front tooth. That way the breath mint doesn’t get in the way when talking to someone, but one can still rest assured that one’s breath is clean and fresh.

a breath mint that sticks to tooth
The Minty Breath-o-rizer

A Goldfish Fishing Pole

Let’s say you go to the pet shop and buy a cute little goldfish.  You get home and set his bowl up. It’s got water, little plastic plants, maybe it’s own little house and an anchor in its little front yard.  But after about two seconds, you start getting bored.  You start thinking, where’s the fun in this?  To which the answer is absolutely nowhere.

But Dear Readers. . . what if you had a little fishing pole upon which you could attached it’s food?  You could feed your new little goldfish by pretending like you’re fishing.  Now that’s fun! I really think this is a winner of an invention, don’t you?

a fishing pole to feed goldfish with
The Goldfish Fishing Pole

The Ponytail Headlight

Don’t you hate it when the electricity goes off after dark and there’s absolutely nothing to do except stare at the candle flame?    Well, stare no more, Dear Readers!  Now sitting in the dark can be fun with The Ponytail Headlight!

Simply put your hair in a high ponytail and viola!  Let there be light!  Instead of sitting in the dark, like a bump on a log, you can now use that time to clean out your closets or straighten up your bathroom drawers or whip up a batch of raw fudge.

a ponytail holder with a headlight
The Ponytail Headlight

The Portable Fanny Pack Swing

Let’s say you’re taking your three-year-old grandson for a walk around the neighborhood when he suddenly gets bored and no longer wants to admire the various shrubbery, preferring instead to throw himself down on the sidewalk and kick and scream as a direct result of all that sugar you fed him earlier.  You try to pick him up but he simply squirms away. (The little fella’s quite an athlete!)

Anyway, that’s where the Portable Fanny Pack Swing comes in.  It’s lightweight and folds up small enough to fit into any AARP Fanny Pack.  You simply pull it out, set it up right there on the sidewalk and put your dear little fella in the swing and start pushing.  This will buy you time until you can get mommy or daddy on the phone to let them know that Fun with Grandma Time is officially over.

Artisti's rendering of portable swing
The Portable Fanny Pack Swing

And there you have it, Dear Readers!  A few inventions dreamed up by my brain, Peanuts.  You’ll have to excuse me now though as I think my brain, Peanuts, has some more inventions to dream up.  If you need me, I’ll be asleep on the couch . . .

Until next time . . . I love you

30 thoughts on “My Brain, Peanuts, Thinks Up Some Inventions

  1. Why didn’t Peanuts have you draw these on teh pad with those wonderful horses you used to draw?

    Oh, and I tried the high-ponytail-hi-beam thing. It was a terrible look for me.

    • Oh, I’m sorry Guap. I will bring those horses out the very next time Peanuts feels like drawing something. I promise.

      Have you consider the ponytail headlight bun? A bun just might bring out those handsomely rugged looks of yours! 😀

  2. I’m with Guapo. I miss the drawings on the “ignore the horses” pad! I do admire Peanut’s inventions. I especially like that the underwater bicycle has no seat. You just sit on the bar which is probably to too hard being that you are practically weightless underwater.

    • Well, that does it. Due to popular demand the horse pad is making a comeback!! I had a little trouble with the bicycle. I know what one looks like, It’s just that my brain, Peanuts, didn’t plan ahead to leave room for the seat and the pedals and then, at the last minute decided to put on fins but also was trying to draw pedals . . . I think Peanuts did a good job on the 500 pound weight if I do say so myself.

  3. Please, Linda, don’t walk, RUN TO THE PATENT STORE before someone steals these ideas!! LOLOL!
    OMG! The AARP fanny pack! haha! Why do I think that particular invention was thought of recently on a shrub admiring expedition…? 😀 What do they say… “Invention is the mother of necessity?” I think they meant, it’s the grandmother of necessity!!!

    I think I want to get, “Being stuck by candlelight is for suckers!” in a bumper sticker. Do you think they make those? If not, it’s just another $$ maker! I think Peanuts could come out with a great line of bumper stickers.

    Perhaps, Guapo, would like one that says, “Ignore the Horses.”

    Thanks for the hilarity this morning!!!

    • LOL!! I confess Lisa! You are absolutely right about the shrubbery inspiration! My grandson is really big for his age too and really hard to pick up (especially when he’s kicking and screaming) and I really thought a portable swing would be a great invention for Grandma’s like me! LOL!

      The ponytail headlight I actually made from a book light once when the electricity went out — I just incorporated it into my high ponytail on the top of my head, and I cleaned out my entire closet during the outage. Too bad the electricity doesn’t go out more often. I’d get so much more done!

      Hey you know what would really be fun is blog bumpterstickers . . . We should invent that! I’ll put Peanuts to work on it as soon as I take my nap . . .Lisa, I think you’re on to a real moneymaker!

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