My Brain Peanuts Thinks Up Some Blog Topics

Let me apologize in advance, Dear Readers, for even though my brain, Peanuts,  has been rattling around up in the Noggin Attic all morning trying to shake an idea loose to blog about, Peanuts has only managed to come up with a few lame ideas which are as follows:

You and Your Alfalfa

Peanuts and I thought we might pick up where we left off yesterday and expound on our new-found knowledge contained within the pages of a 1934 government pamphlet about Alfalfa which we now have in our possession– but then Peanuts and I thought we should probably save that post for a more special occasion like Christmas.

Doing math in your head in 1950

OK,  Peanuts and I  found a booklet from 1950 called without paper and pencil that explains how to do math in one’s head.  The book is full of conversations  like this one:

This topic was promising for about five minutes until Peanuts tried to figure out how long it would take me to write something about doing math in one’s head by subtracting 8:45 a.m from 300 words at which point my brain, Peanuts, fell  asleep in my head.

Your Appendix is more important than you think it is

Peanuts and I thought this topic was very, very, very promising until we realized that your appendix isn’t more important than you think it is.

How to chew an eraser like it was a piece of gum and maybe even blow a bubble

Oh this would have been a killer blog topic, and I wanted to do it until Peanuts reminded me there’s no such things as erasers anymore.

Pretending to know what the stock market numbers mean

This sounded promising at first, but after thinking about how much thinking it would actually involve, Peanuts and I  thought . . .  wait a minute, this is a blog not a torture chamber.

Write a blog about absolutely nothing that uses a lot of big bold headlines such as WordPress “Heading 1” to imply importance

Bingo!  And there you have it Dear Reader. Our blog for today! Oh and if you happen to think of any blog topics for me and Peanuts for tomorrow, we implore you to leave them in the comment section.  As you can see, Peanuts and I can use all the help we can get!

Until next time . . . I (and Peanuts) love you


10 thoughts on “My Brain Peanuts Thinks Up Some Blog Topics

  1. Holy crap! I totally do math in my head that way. My problem is the old short term memory. I’ll add 50 to the number since that’s easy but then I can never remember if I’m supposed to adjust by adding 3 or subtracting 3 so I wind up saying the answer “is around….”

    • Wow! That’s impressive even with the short term memory. The only math I can do in my head is sale discounts. If something is $34.99 and it’s 40 percent off, I’ll multiply $3.50 x 4 in my head and then guess “arnound” what it’s going to cost. I’m not always right, but I never let that stop me from buy it! 😀

  2. That cartoon of the kids doing the math problems in their heads completely exploded my little version of peanuts. I mean, who came up with that ridiculous logic? If math could be made any more difficult, then that method is certainly it.

    • I know it couldn’t be any more complicated. Except if they were trying to figure it all out in base 7 or something. In the eighth grade we had to learn “new math” which was adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing in different bases other than ten. I would have preferred water boarding! (and I probably would have gotten a better grade in water boarding too!) 😀

  3. LOL! Peanuts never lets me down!
    I had to pretend that I knew what the stock market numbers meant my whole life. My father would drone on and on about it, and I always had to act interested. Of course my two sisters would flee the room as soon as he’d start talking and I’d be stuck in the “torture chamber!” haha!.

  4. Oh that is so funny Lisa. That sounds just like you — kind enough to endure hours of stock market numbers so you wouldn’t hurt your dad’s feelings! I married a guy just like your dad I think. Only instead of stock market numbers he likes to explain about air flow and control systems! LOL!!

  5. Excellent!

    That wonderful 1950 comic confirmed something I’ve always suspected: math is a great way to meet girls… : P

    P.S. your non-ideas are funnier than most people’s ideas. : )

  6. Mark, you are absolutely right! Math is a great way to meet girls. Especially if that boy just happens to have all the right answers that he is willing to share with the girls who may or may not have completed their homework correctly!! 😀

    Ah thank you Mark! You are the best!! 😀

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