Slightly Strange Romantic Clipart

They shoot horses don't they?Oh Goodie!  Slightly Strange Romantic Clip art!

Guess where I’ve been?  Yup. Rummaging around my favorite thrift store again!  And guess what I bought?  Yup. A book of slightly strange romantic clip art! 

Well somebody had to buy it. 

Besides, it said on the cover there were “hundreds of uses” for this kind of clip art.  Unfortunately, they forgot to mention what they were.  

So I’ve decided to put them to use thusly:

Grecian Lovers“No offense, but you looked better on Facebook.    “No offense but so did you.”

Romantic clip art

“What’s the matter, my darling?”   “My scoliosis is acting up again!”

“Now remember!  Levi’s 501’s, regular fit and hurry!”

“Peek-a-boo!   . . . no wait . . .  I say Peek-a . .  and then you . . . I don’t think we’re doing this right.”

“You look so hot in that pup tent!”

“Ow! Ow! Ow!”   “What did you say dear?”    “Nothing!  Ow! Ow! Ow!”

“Did Popeye’s spinach taste funny to you?”

“Dear Helen:  Don’t look now, but your boyfriend is turning into a cat.”

So what did we learn today?  That it is possible to waste far too much of one’s life trying to think up captions for slightly strange romantic clip art, that’s what!

And if that isn’t a good lesson, Dear Reader . . .  I’ll try to think of a better one tomorrow!

Until next time . . . I love you

36 thoughts on “Slightly Strange Romantic Clipart

  1. I’m laughing out loud at these!!! I think my favorite is the Peek a boo…no you..wait….

    I request a few more posts like these post haste!

  2. I don’t know how people had sex back then. It must have taken an hour just to get through the layers of clothes. Surely the mood must have soured by then.

  3. I too think there should be more posts like these. I personally enjoy the 1920s couple dancing at the top of the blog – or better stated, the man who is clearly feeding on his dancing partner’s neck.

  4. “You look so hot in that pup tent”
    Well just wait, in 2012, I’ll be wearing what you’re wearing- a Ceasars Skort and leggins! How do you like me now.

    Dear Helen, Don’t pay any attention to that stick to your left…..”you are dreaming…getting sleepy now.”

    Love you L, Joy

    • You’re making me laugh . . . Ceasars Skort and Leggins. How do you like me now! hahahahahaha! I didn’t even notice that stick. That is so funny. hahahahaha! I smell a caption contest coming!

  5. oh I forgot the one at the very top…
    “Dancing with a cadaver has it’s advantages. We don’t argue over who should lead!”- isn’t it romatic!


  6. I never knew there was a concept such as ‘romantic clip art’ – I feel enlightened (and also rather amused by the captions you’ve come up with, my personal favourite is the ‘peek-a-booing’ couple: Woman: ‘The sun sure is bright today, I’m not sure whether I’ll go blind if I look at it again’ – Man: ‘Is this a bad time to tell you I forgot both of our sunglasses?’).

  7. I knew I saw that you had a post earlier but I got a little lost…but YAYAAYAYAYAY thats like YAY only yayier. They had clip art I mean that’s what they called it? 4 reallies? I think you should do the caption contest – how fun but you have some really funny ones here – I think my favorite is – ummm 501’s and the peek a boo…YOU are so clever! (and awesome 🙂 ) I read the AARP post to my parents the other night – my dad was upset cause he didnt get one of those trunk thingys – and they became fully eligiblesters at 50 …just sayin but anyways… time I need some .slightly strange romantic clipart I will come a callin –
    yay….I want to be able to do that like you do when I grow up….it’s llike you have a different colored lense that you look at the world through….
    it is coolness.
    BTW I have loaded this comment to serve as a drinking game if you and Guapo want to have a few belts of Vodka – I didn’t think we should do it over at mine today since we were talking about shhhhh (him) k? cool I am out!

    • Ha ha! Clink! I’ll drink to that! I mean what He doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right? (J/K Big Guy!). I’m so flattered you read my post to your dad. That makes my day Lizzie! And I’m sorry he missed out on the cool eligiblester trunk organizer. But tell him not to be downhearted because I’m sure even as I write this Aarp is working on another cool free gift like say . . . a bellypack that says in huge letters “I’m fully eligiblester and all I got was this stupid bellypack!” Or something like that. Maybe we could start up our own little business thinking stupid stuff for AARP to give away. Ok, now I’m getting carried away. I better have another snort ASAP! 🙂

  8. The woman in the first one’s wearing a see through dress – and not a speck of underwear – or is she clutching her undies in her right hand?

    The pup tent is brilliant. You’re a hoot.

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