33-Word Trifecta Challenge: Al Gore Conquers the Crossword Puzzle

Hello Dear Readers and welcome to Saturday, where you aren’t reading this because you are outside enjoying the wonderful spring weather unless you’re inside at your computer reading this in which case * high five* !!

This weekend’s Trifecta Writing Challenge is to write 33 words using these three words:




Al Gore Conquers the Crossword Puzzle

Al Gore Comics Linda Vernon Humor


Al Gore Comics Linda Vernon Humor

Al Gore Comics Linda Vernon Humor


Al Gore Comics Linda Vernon Humor


Al Gore Comics Linda Vernon Humor

Al Gore Comics Linda Vernon Humor


* * *

Until next time . . . I love you


Al Gore Comics: Al’s New Cable TV Network Idea

Al Gore Cartoon panel Linda Venron Humor

Al Gore Comic Linda Vernon humor

Al Gore Cartoon Linda Vernon Humor

Al Gore Comics LInda Vernon HumorAl Gore Comics Linda Vernon Humor

Al Gore Comic Linda Vernon Humor

Al Gore Comics Linda Vernon Humor

Al Gore Comics Linda Vernon Humor

Al Gore Comics Linda Vernon Huor

* * *

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The Mysteries of Existence Explained

Welcome Dear Readers to Lazy Friday Blog Day where I go to all the trouble of finding something I’ve already written, shaking the cobwebs off it, airing it out a bit and then giving it a quick once over with the iron.  Anyway here it is:

The Mysteries of Existence Explained

Good News!  I finally found a hobby!   It’s thinking up theories that would explain the mystery of existence. It’s fun.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

The Advanced Form of Donkey Kong Theory of Existence

Could it be that we don’t really exist in this world at all?  Maybe we are actually in some cosmic Pizza Parlor playing a video game that seems like real life only when we die; it just means our pizza is ready?

There is a lot of evidence supporting this particular take on the nature of reality in that when your pizza is ready they “call your number”.   And we sometimes refer to someone’s dying as “their number being up.”  It seems plausible to a science  hobbiest such as myself,  that life might be just an advanced form of Donkey Kong you are playing until your pizza’s ready.

The “I Say Congealed You Say Cajoled” Theory of the existence

This one goes like this. Life is merely a humongous glob of uncongealed matter put here to cajole us into thinking that matter matters.

The Great Uncongealed

This conglomeration of The Great Uncongealed is designed to keep us so busy we won’t even notice that we don’t know who we are — what we are — where we came from — where we are going – or what we’re supposed to be doing. If true, it seems to be working pretty good so far.

The Life is Simply a Figment of One’s Imagination Theory of Existence

This is the theory where upon  everything exists because and only because you “think” it exists.  It goes something like this:

You’re brain concentrates only on the things you want to have in your life.  It does this by directing a beam of energy out of your eyes and into, say, your living room, where whatever it is you just thought about is materialized just seconds before you sit down in that chair that was there seconds earlier but isn’t there anymore. (The Universe thinks this is hilarious, by the way, so just pretend you don’t notice or you will only encourage it.)

I know it’s a little confusing.  Perhaps if I tried explaining it in a different way . . .

Let’s say you are out in the forest when a tree suddenly falls just as you are entering the cottage of the three bears.  And as far as you know, there is nobody else in the forest.  Well, except maybe for Goldilocks but just for the sake of argument, let’s pretend she’s deaf. Isn’t this fun?

Did  the tree make any noise when it fell?  If you answered no, did it ever occur to you that you might have been slurping your porridge so loudly you couldn’t have heard a nuclear explosion?

My point is – and I assure you I have one . . . I think . . . well, now you’ve got me so upset about poor little deaf Goldilocks, I forgot what my point was . . . I hope you’re happy.

“Say what?”

Until next time . . . I love you

Slightly Strange Romantic Clipart

They shoot horses don't they?Oh Goodie!  Slightly Strange Romantic Clip art!

Guess where I’ve been?  Yup. Rummaging around my favorite thrift store again!  And guess what I bought?  Yup. A book of slightly strange romantic clip art! 

Well somebody had to buy it. 

Besides, it said on the cover there were “hundreds of uses” for this kind of clip art.  Unfortunately, they forgot to mention what they were.  

So I’ve decided to put them to use thusly:

Grecian Lovers“No offense, but you looked better on Facebook.    “No offense but so did you.”

Romantic clip art

“What’s the matter, my darling?”   “My scoliosis is acting up again!”

“Now remember!  Levi’s 501’s, regular fit and hurry!”

“Peek-a-boo!   . . . no wait . . .  I say Peek-a . .  and then you . . . I don’t think we’re doing this right.”

“You look so hot in that pup tent!”

“Ow! Ow! Ow!”   “What did you say dear?”    “Nothing!  Ow! Ow! Ow!”

“Did Popeye’s spinach taste funny to you?”

“Dear Helen:  Don’t look now, but your boyfriend is turning into a cat.”

So what did we learn today?  That it is possible to waste far too much of one’s life trying to think up captions for slightly strange romantic clip art, that’s what!

And if that isn’t a good lesson, Dear Reader . . .  I’ll try to think of a better one tomorrow!

Until next time . . . I love you