Friday Fictioneers: Mr. Sims and the Maple Bar of Death

Aaaaand it’s fake Friday again!  One tiny problem I have with the calendar is that it’s so repetitive and predictable.  That’s why I like  Friday Fictioneers — a 100-word, picture-prompt writing challenge over at Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, Addicted to Purple — because it starts on Wednesdays.  And I think you’d agree that nothing spices up the week like having Friday on Wednesday!  Anyway, here’s this week’s picture prompt by way of Scott Vanatter: (copyright – Indira)

Friday Fictioneers 100 word story

Mr. Sims and the Maple Bar of Death

“No, Mr. Sims, you misunderstood my instructions.”

“But you asked me if I wanted to do a donut, so I spun out.”

“No, I asked if you wanted the rest of my donut.”

“So I flunked my driver’s test?”

“That will depend on your three-point turn.”

“I can do that with my eyes closed!”

“Careful Mr. Sims! That’s a sheer drop off . . . LOOK OUT!”

“What happened?”

“You’ve plunged us off the cliff, Mr. Sims.”

“So I flunked my driver’s test?”


“Okay . . . but one last question.”


“You gonna eat the rest of that maple bar?”

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

81 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Mr. Sims and the Maple Bar of Death

  1. Funny stuff, darling. I remember being terribly nervous and flunking my first driver’s test — maybe not this badly, but…

    • Ha ha! Yes, which is exactly why I flunked my driver’s test. I was doing a maple bar while eating a donut. (I’m always getting right from left mixed up too.)

  2. This take flunking to a whole new (lower) level. 🙂 When our driving instructor would say, “Turn left here”, we might be heard to ask, “Left?” He’d say “Right.” And of course we’d say, “Right???”

    P.S. “sheer drop-off”


    • Yes! Turn right here left! LOL! I didn’t know left from right when I took my driver’s test all those years ago. (I still don’t). So every time I was asked to make a turn, I would pretend like I was saluting the flag to make sure I was turning the correct direction. I think he still had to say you’re other left several times.

      And much thanks for the heads up on sheer! 😀

    • Ha! Yes. Get Mr. Sims off the road as soon as is possible. Too bad the instructor had to give his life for it but some causes are worthy enough to sacrifice one’s life, especially in this case! 😀

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You know,m I used to work in a doughnut shoe. Made and sold PLENTY of those maple bars. Funny, good construction, everything! Great!

    • Ha ha! Me too Diane! I would make the worst driving instructor on in America, and you would hold the title for the worst driving instructor in Australia! LOL! 😀

  4. one, i want a maple bar. and two, your story’s hilarious. and i loved that the characters are so calm about the accident! haha ^^

  5. If I could stop laughing at the dialogue, I might take this seriously. Reminds me of one of the “city-kids” we had in my driver’s ed class 20 years ago. Sad, but true. Thanks for the memory!

    • It is sad but true! I actually ran the car into a ditch the first time I got behind the wheel in driver’s ed. Oh it was so embarrassing! I still don’t like to drive to this day! 😀

      • Oh, dear. The first time I pulled into the lane at my foster home, I missed the driveway and wedged the car into the culvert. It took them 16 hours and a heavy duty crane-thingy to get it out. I was terrified of driving into the lane after that and would call ahead so someone could drive it in for me.

        • Oh No!!! How horrible! And they had to get a crane? LOL!! I don’t blame you at all for trying to get someone to drive for you! I would have done the same thing. 😀

  6. Linda you are so hilarious. I guess we should know that based on the smile you share with us in your gravatar. I look forward to every one of your posts because I know it will be worth a chuckle, laugh or ROTFL! Keep writing the funny!

  7. Dear Linda,

    That instructor must’ve been on some heavy tranquilizers to remain that calm after being plunged over a cliff. I’d write about my driver’s ed experience but it would be more of a tragedy than a comedy.
    Fun story.



  8. Well done Linda, your usual standard.
    Being a Brit I’m not sure about all these foodie/chocolate/candy/yummy bars of whatever it is they were eating. From the comments they sound delicious

    • So glad you liked it Dee. I’m trying to think what the equivalent of a maple bar would be the UK. And I guess I haven’t got a clue. Do you have donuts there? Or maybe they over there they are biscuits with holes? HA! 😀

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