Friday Fictioneers: Let There Be Loot

Welcome Dear Readers to Friday Fictioneers hosted most graciously every week  by Rochelle at Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple.  

This week we are writing a 100-word story for a picture taken by Dawn  at Lingering Visions who has some  beautiful pictures on her blog for your viewing pleasure.

Copyright Dawn M. Miler
Copyright Dawn M. Miler

Let There Be Loot

Pendleton! Round up these lamps and return them immediately!

I can’t.


They were on sale — buy one, get 37  half off.

I’m not buying it, Pendleton.

Funny you should mention not buying.

Pendleton you didn’t rob–

Just Lamps?  Yes I did actually.

But you just got released from prison for robbing—

Just Toast Ovens.  I know.

Will you be going on the lam now, Pendleton?

Yes, but I have one stop to make first.

Where Pendleton? Just Shades?


Just Bulbs?  Just Cords?

I’m leaving now dear.

Just On/Off Switches?

Take care of yourself!

Just Sockets?

I’ll write.

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

57 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Let There Be Loot

  1. Maybe he’s going to open a store and call it – Just Appliances. I recommend he sign up for the Affordable Lamp Care program as soon as possible, and claim those toasters as dependants.

    • LOL! You’re a lobbyist for President Aladdin aren’t you? If you’re not Affordable Lamp Care Salesman of the Year, you should be. Hey! you ought to go over to Sochi, I hear they’re in dire need some Affordable Lamp Care, oh wait . . .I don’t think they’ve invented the lamp yet, nevermind.

  2. I would be laughing so much harder at this if I hadn’t invested my retirement funds in Just Sockets before they went outlet up.

    and to think I thought I was plugged in…

  3. I feel like Just Shades is the name of a real store located next door to the Left Handed Emporium but just before you hit Nuttin but Nuts.

    Great post today!! I love your cleverness!

    • Yikes! No, I didn’t use lamb on purpose. LOL! In my defense, I didn’t think it looked right when I wrote it so I looked it up on google and the first thing I saw was someone who used “on the lamb” so apparently I’m not alone in my stupidity. Which should make me feel better than it does.

  4. Dear Linda,

    Everyone has robbed me of my words and I don’t know what to say. If you’re going to steal lamps you should remember to steal the bulbs that go with them. At current prices, robbing is the preferred method of purchase. 😉
    Fun as always.



    • Oh thank you Perry! My characters are pretty mouthy! I’m really weak on description so I always try to get my characters talking loud enough so nobody notices! 😀

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