Edgar Allan Poe Cheery Living Magazine

Welcome Dear Readers!  I am so excited! As you may know, from time to time this blog takes it upon itself  to attempt to cheer up American Literature’s most Gloomy Gus, Edgar Allan Poe.  And in that light, I feel this blog is making a little progress.   Check out Edgar Allan Poe’s new magazine!


Cheering up Edgar Allan Poe, Linda Vernon Humor

WE can only hope, Dear Readers, that this his new positive attitude has staying power!


Until next time . . . I love you

24 thoughts on “Edgar Allan Poe Cheery Living Magazine

  1. Hahaha!! I must subscribe to Edgar Allen Poe’s secret to living magazine because my greatest fear is passing out in the gutter wearing someone else’s clothing. I just KNOW whoever’s clothing I’m wearing will make me look washed out and frumpy.

  2. Will there be a kids’ version ? Coloring pages (Blood Red crayons only) ? Mazes that end in disaster ? Letters to the dead editor ?

    • Hey Jr! I think you just hit on a superb idea! Not only a coloring book, but also a line of Edgar Allan Poe action figures. I’m getting excited now!

      • Great idea ! Please save me an Annabelle Lee non-action figure (well, she’s dead, right ?) [Sorry. Too soon ?]

        • Oops. I used her full name, without proper punctuation. It was of course Annabel Le Lee. Thank you for your kind understanding.

            • Ah ! So that’s why they call it Pound Cake [?] I could never figure out the Edgar Allan Poe connection before (in his youth, he was a Pepperidge farmer).

          • Wow ! That’s fantastic. Thank you from the bottom of my tell tale heart (sorry. I had to do that one – Punion [Pun Union] rules, and the shop steward {you won’t believe this, but his name is Stewart Shahp} is standing right over my shoulder, and it really hurts).
            I’ll put the sepulcher in a diorama (working title, “Dioramalamadingdong of Doom”), complete with overhanging black clouds, and an unkindness of cruel ravens painting graffiti on the crypt.
            I have to tell you – you have a strange sense of humor. I like that in a woman.

            • “Dioramalamadingdong of Doom” My window is open and I’m sure my neighbors are wondering what the hell is going on over here when they heard me bust out laughing at 7 am this morning! . OMG! What a great way to start the day! Thank you Old Nick! Oh and say hi to your little brother for me (and tell him I like his suit).

              • Saint is on vacation right now, but I’ll pass your hi along when he gets back, and that you like his suit. Not to be snippy, but what about my suit ? We both wear red, and quite frankly, I think that I pull it off better, n’est-ce pas ? Oh, like you didn’t know that the Devil is French. I deliberately put unpronounced letters in the spelling of French words simply because I’m so evil. Bwah-ha-ha-etc. [Old Nick is just my English nom de mal]

                  • Thank you, Ann Onymous. Sometimes I like to be good, but in a bad way. And sometimes I just take a nap.

                    • I always suspected the devil was behind the French language. That explains everything! Well not the theory of relativity, of course. And it also doesn’t explain why there are no miniature tea-cup cats. But then I suppose some things just aren’t meant to be explained.

  3. I forgot to ask what the kids’ mag name would be. Poe Jr. ? Baltimore After Curfew ? Fun With Ravens ?

  4. Time Line: 2015: – Edgar Allan Poe spins in his grave as Linda launches in to him. 2016: – Edgar adjusts the shroud in his coffin and settles down once more to rest. 2017: Muffled cry from E.A.P. of “oh, for chrissakes…!” as Linda launches in to him once more. 2018: Estates of Yeats, Emerson and Huxley et al award Ms Vernonhumor with gold pick axe for “Services to Literature”…

    • LOL! My work here is done. (And I have a feeling that Edgar is getting a lot more exercise spinning in his grave than he ever got when he was alive, so it’s a win win, right?)

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