The 1934 Flood of 1934

Hello Dear Readers!  I’ve been shopping my little heart out at the thrift store, and I simply couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled across this fascinating 1934 Department of Agriculture, Bulletin 1731 about everybody’s favorite grain, Alfalfa! 

First of all, let me begin by saying that this precious bulletin has sustained serious water damage.  Meaning only one thing.  It was in the 1934 Flood of 1934.

By carefully perusing the pages, I was able to ascertain that the owners of  Bulletin 1731 were United States farmers, Ma and Pa Ludd and their little boy, Sheldon and, from what I can tell, they were lucky to escape the 1934 Flood of 1934 with nothing but the shirts on their backs, the pants on their legs and the hairs on their arms.

And yet, somehow this courageous family managed to float through the house and, by kicking their feet at precisely the right coordinates, managed to  rescue their most prized possession, Bulletin 1731.

This was not without a little bit of harm done to Ma Ludd.  Shortly thereafter , her heart started acting up again and Pa had to take her to the doctor in Dusty City.  Pa Ludd waited in the waiting room while Ma Ludd went in to have her heart checked out by Dr. Olcreepee.

“Doctor you’ve been listening now for an hour and a half? Is it still ticking?”
“I think it’s still ticking, but let me just double check again.”

Anyway from what I could glean from reading between the lines of Bulletin 1731, Dr. Olcreepee decided to do some X-rays so he could get a better handle on the situation with Ma.

“What does that look like to you, Nurse?’
“Bulletin 1731?”

It seems Ma had inadvertently swallowed Bulletin 1731 in the confusion of the 1934 Flood of 1934.  And of course, Dr. Olcreepee had no choice but to operate on Ma to removed Bulletin 1731 once and for all.

Shortly thereafter Ma Ludd and Bulletin 1731 were wheeled into the operating room but the only thing that was wheeled out —  still in tact — was Bulletin 1731.  It seems Ma had kicked the bucket as they liked to say in those days.

I know it’s a sad tale but there is some indication that Pa Ludd and Sheldon did get some money from the  “death by swallowing government bulletins” insurance policy that Pa Ludd had the wherewithal to take out on his entire family.

And they all went on to lead long and  happy lives.  Except for Ma who continued being dead.

And there you have it, Dear Reader, a glimpse into the rich history of Bulletin 1731 and the 1934 Flood of 1934.

Be sure and check back tomorrow when we will turn to the first page of Bulletin 1731 and read all about everybody’s favorite grain, alfalfa!

Until next time . . . I love you

15 thoughts on “The 1934 Flood of 1934

  1. Interesting…. Being a vegetarian, I love alfalfa sprouts. My coworker surprised me by asking me one day what they were. I thought everybody knew. Then there’s the alfalfa I feed my rabbit….those are the only 2 varieties I know of hehe

    • Your a vegetarian! Good for you. I was not eating meat for about 4 years but then I gradually got back into eating meat. I do want to get back to being a veggie though. It’s so much better for you.

      My horse eats alfalfa and sometimes it smells so good, I’d like to eat some of it. And love alfalfa sprouts too! 😀

      • I was vegetarian up until I had my kids…then it was off and on. Finally I realized that meat just tears my stomach up. I was getting sick every time I would eat…I took the meat away from my diet and I don’t have those problems anymore. I won’t be turning back this time!

        • Good for you! I want to get back to my old veggies ways. I think even being a vegetarian off and on is probably a boost to a person’s overall health. I need to make a commitment to that vegetarian life again! 😀

  2. Well written. Funny yet sad…Best part for me was Doc.Olcreepee I had me one of those.. My earache exam was,well rather “busy” for my taste.. i do not know why you needed to know that,oh well 🙂

  3. I’d like to look a bit closer into this policy Pa Ludd bought. did it have a Double Indemnity clause for swallowings of gov’t bulletins during floods named after the year they occur?
    If so, I’d check that bulletin to see if it’s crumpled in the shape of the shoes Pa Ludd was wearing during those “precise foot kicks”.

    • You are a genius at reading between the lines, EG. You definitely have what it takes to be an insurance investigator of the finest order. Plus you look exactly like Fred McMurray when you bungee jump (only with more magnificent hair).

      But I think if you will check your facts you would see that the Double Indemnity clause for swallowing Government Documents only takes affect if the flood occurred one year after the year of the flood it was named after. I could be wrong. I’ll watch Double Indemnity again, just to make sure.

  4. I’ve scrolled up and looked at the doc asking, “What does that look like to you, Nurse?” about 12 times, but I’ve gotta stop, ’cause it can’t be healthy for my shoulders to shake so much… : )

    I’m feeling guilty about laughing over Ma continuing to stay dead, but gee, I couldn’t rightly help it no how!! : P

  5. Ha ha Mark! I’ve been saving that picture for the perfect occasion and what better time to use it than to illustrate how tragic it is when someone such as poor ol’ Ma Ludd inadvertently swallows a government bulletin! I can only hope I managed to raise awareness for this kind of thing and that the powers that be at poison control will have some sort of a remedy so people like Ma won’t have to stay dead.

    So glad you enjoyed this Mark and I thoroughly enjoy all your wonderful comments! Thanks for always taking the time to come by and make my day a little brighter and my government bulletins a little tastier! 😀

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