Spill the Beans Friday: 26 Confessions

Spill the Beans

Welcome, Dear Readers, to Spill the Beans Friday where I confess personal things about myself that you may have suspected but you were much too polite to mention.


#1)  I can’t type, I can’t proofread and if my life depended on spelling, I’d be dead by noone nune 2 p.m.

#2)  I  sugar coat my sweets addiction.

#3)  I don’t just hate algebra, I want it whacked.

#4)  My frontal lobes are abnormally small.

#5)  Practically everyday I think  it’s the day before the day it actually is. 

#6)  Both input and imput sound right to me. 

#7)  I am horrible at video games.  It once took me 40 minutes to successfully complete one lap in  Mario Kart and why do they need so much grass anyway?

#8)  I always hang back when it comes to being the bowling scorekeeper or the flag folder as I have no idea how to do either.

#9)  I’ve never tried green enchilada sauce and I’m never going to unless it’s fed to me through a tube while I’m in a coma.

#10) I’ve never been in a coma.

#11)  I always suspect I’m not going to have anything in common  with people who give their age by saying “years young.”

#12) I’m super excited about the first two pictures I see in an Art Museum then I’m over it.

#13)  I only spelled museum right in #12 because of  spelcheck  spellcehck, right click.

#14) If someone tells me a really long story they’ve told me before, I can never think of a polite way to say, “Yeah you already told me that” so I just listen to the whole story again.

#15) I think my horse knows more than he’s letting on.

#16)  I’m a total idiot about Bulgaria.

#17)  I love I Love Lucy.

#18) I’m a food kick person — if I make chili or soup, I eat it for every meal everyday until it’s gone.

#19) I’ve tried twice but I just can’t get into “Breaking Bad.”

#20) I’ve been kissed by Bill Murray.

#21) One time someone cut in front of me in line at the grocery store so I picked up a magazine and pretended to be reading it and pushed my cart into the back of them.

#22) I once got a flat tire while taking my daughter to school and had to walk 6 blocks  home in my stocking feet.

#23) I think Portlandia is equal parts hilarious and unhilarious.

#24)  The only newspaper I read everyday is the wonderfully skanky Daily Mail Online.  

#25) I had to watched The Talented Mr. Ripley four times before I understood what was going on.

#26) I once stood right behind a guy in line with tattoos all over his body while waiting to rent The Illustrated Man.

And there you have it, Dear Readers!  Drop by next week for another installment of  Spill the Beans Friday!  And if you have anything you’d like to spill the beans about, I’m all comment boxes!

Until next time . . . I love you

50 thoughts on “Spill the Beans Friday: 26 Confessions

  1. How sad is it to be the first to ‘like’ twice in a row! Still I was shutting down for the night and there you were. I particularly like ‘I’ve never been in a coma,’ yet must pull you up on, ‘The only newspaper I read everyday is the wonderfully skanky Daily Mail Online’ yet you are forgivable for saying it’s ‘skanky.’ A fine post.

      • You know I don’t think I have! If you want the British stereotype with all its dogma; class hang-ups; right wing politics etc. nothing does it better than the Mail – so keep on reading it as it will always be a fine source of material for you. Best of luck and looking forward to your next post.

  2. I’ve never seen Gone With the Wind. Or The Sound of Music. Nor do I care to.

    I never watch TV, but I don’t like telling people that because they take it the wrong way. They think I’m being a snob, because that’s what it sounds like. But I simply don’t have time. I’m up at 5:00 a.m. so I’m in bed early. I also don’t have a Facebook page. Someone recently told me that “I don’t have a Facebook page” is the new “I don’t watch TV,” which I found ironic.

  3. Egad! It’s like I wrote this list.
    Which I don’t remember doing.
    because I was avoiding green enchilada sauce at the time.
    (Except i enjoyed breaking bad, and never played Mario Kart. And passed Algebra. And never met Bill Murray.)
    But other than that!…

    • Well maybe some day you’ll get to play Mario Kart with Bill Murray while chucking cases of green enchidada sauce off the balcony. Stranger things have happened! (But don’t ask me for examples of what they would be.)

  4. I’ve never seen The Sound of Music either. Just the picture of Julie Andrews spinning around on that hillside makes me feel a little queasy. The trouble with “Not having a Facebook page” being the new “I don’t watch TV” is that if you’re doing it for effect — you can’t brag about “Not Having Facebook Page” on Facebook. It’s kind of a Catch 22.

    • I probably won’t ever be telling the deep dark secrets. Unless I’m really hard up for something to post about. I don’t want to get my friends in San Quentin mad, oh gosh I think I’ve already said too much.

  5. Linda
    Love the post!
    As for Algebra… passed it with flying colors
    But Geometry? Never could get an angle on that subject. It was always going off on tangents…

    Happy Friday!



    • Ha! I was the only kid in the class who didn’t understand Algebra. I just couldn’t figure out why if A was a number why didn’t they just say what the number was and save us all time. Geometry — hm . . .I don’t think they ever let me into another math classroom after algebra.

  6. Oh Linda, you’re so funny! I feel the same way about portlandia. And breaking bad is overrated if you ask me. Loved your spillage of beans!

    • Thanks Lily. I watched Portlandia for the first time the other day and my first thought was this is the funniest show ever made, but as I watched more it got less and less funny. Darn!!

  7. You are killing me with the Breaking Bad dislike! Boo-HOO!!

    Otherwise, I had to check to see if I have a large scar on my side, otherwise, I’d believe we were connected at birth.

  8. Oh I love this list!! This is so funny and true!!
    You forgot to mention you don’t know your left from right, broke your wrist twice, and made your daughter’s teacher cry. She sure deserved it!

  9. Does it count that this morning I couldn’t figure out why my phone wasn’t taking a charge after three days and when I asked my husband to look at it he flipped the switch on the surge protector to on? Most recent reason for a confession.

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