Take the Very First Linda Vernon Humor Poll

Here’s something this blog’s never done before.  A poll!  I’m not sure how to do it, Dear Readers, but I’m willing to give it the ol’ half-hearted, Linda Vernon college drop out try!!

Okay I’m looking around my desk for something to take a poll about.  Oh here’s something:

This man is . . . 

Linda Vernon Humor Quiz

Hey that was fun.  Let’s do another one, wanna?

This man is . . . .

Cheesey ad for flab

And these men are . . . 

Two men doing marshal arts

And, finally, this man is . . . 

man with perfect confidence

And there you have it, Dear Readers!  I hope you had fun taking this blog’s very first poll! Now to celebrate!  Let’s all go find that banana and eat it shall we?

Until next time . . . I love you, are you kidding?  Don’t make me laugh!

33 thoughts on “Take the Very First Linda Vernon Humor Poll

  1. Excellent research work, Linda. What I want to know is how you got a grant from the government to fund this project, and where the hell did that last banana go? Don’t make me laugh.

    • It was easy. I just got in line down at the post office at the window that says Stupid Government Grants. Wait . . . come to think of it, the words Government Grants weren’t actually on the sign (I just assumed). Well, now I know why the line was so long anyway.

    • You are so right, Summers! There are just some things that shouldn’t be laughed at and this, I believe, constitutes one of them (or maybe even two or three as well). 😀

  2. This is really hard Ms Linda because I’ve got a totally different caption to each picture in my mind – then again I’m an idiot. Great stuff though and a fantastic idea!

  3. But the first picture has someone else’s hand stuck to his face… otherwise the thumb is on the wrong side! No wonder he looks fed up. Imagine going through Monday with someone else’s hand stuck to your face…

    • Is it really? See I’m a little dyslexic . . . LOL! I really am. I did kind of fudge a little bit and pretend like that was his hand. I really didn’t notice that though . . hahaha! Well at least someone else’s hand Crazy Glued to one’s face would make for an even better retelling! I guess there’s an upside to everything!! 😀

    • ahahahahahah! Ah yes! 37 in his prime! Unfortunately he’s been wearing that same robe for 37 year now due to a little Crazy Glue mishap back in 1974. But the upside is he looks good in gray!

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