Casual Friday Fashions For Guys and Gals

Hello Dear Readers.  Gosh I feel like such a heel.  I just realized this blog has never taken it upon itself to discuss Casual Friday Fashions for Guys and Gals!  I felt so bad last night, I can hardly see to type this having cried my eyes out all night long   for a couple of hours  a tear from peeling onions.  Anyway, I hope these Casual Friday fashion stories won’t be too little too late.

Hey Guys! Think You Can’t Look Manly in That Hand-Knitted Cardigan Sweater on Casual Friday?  Well Think Again!

I've got a knitted sweater plan Linda vernon humor
Stan and Newt.  Casual Friday Pioneers.

“Hey I got a plan, Stan.”

“Shoot Newt!”

“Let’s take our fine sweater-ed selves down to the local tavern after work while wearing our Casual Friday sweaters and order a couple of screwdrivers.”

“But what if they try to beat us up, on account of our sweaters, Stan?”

“They won’t, Newt, because we’ll tell the bartender to hold the straws.”

“Uh . . .okay, but can I bring my hard hat just in case?”

Hey Gals! Nothing says Friday Casual Fashion Quite Like the  Versatility of a Vest!

Full Figured knitted vests Linda Vernon Humor
Nan and Fran.  Putting the Casualty in Casual Friday

“Say Nan.”

“Yeah Fran?”

 “Your vest is very casual, Nan.  But mine is just a tad bit more casual.  No offense.”

“No offense taken, Fran.   Your vest is a tad bit more casual due to the fact that there’s a tad bit more of it.  No offense.”

“No offense taken, Nan. I know you eat the Twinkies out of my lunch everyday.  No offense.”

“No offense taken, Fran.  I eat your Twinkies everyday because you eat my ham sandwich everyday.  No offense.”

“No offense taken, Nan.  You want to come over and knit Casual Friday vests tonight? No offense.”

“No offense taken Fran.  Sure Fran.  No offense.”

Hey Teens! Don’t Let That L7 Mom of Yours Try To Talk You Out of Busting a Move In Those Casual Friday Rebel Puff-Painted Threads!

Teens in painted t-shirts
Brandi and Candi. Rocking Casual Friday Teen Style!

“Hey Candi?”

“Yeah Brandi?”

“I see you didn’t let you’re stupid mother keep you from rocking your Casual Friday puff-painted threads!”

“Are you kidding, Candi?  My Mom can go to H. E. Double Hockey Sticks!  I told her I wear what I want to wear, and she can’t stop me.  Besides she made this outfit for me.”

“Way to go Brandi!   My mom made mine too!   But my mom can still go to H. E. Double Hockey Sticks.”

“And how! Candi!”

And there you have it, Dear Readers, this blog’s Casual Friday Fashion for Guys and Gals.  I just hope it wasn’t too little too late.  If so, please accept my apology.  (If you need me I’ll be peeling onions.)

Until next time . . . I love you

35 thoughts on “Casual Friday Fashions For Guys and Gals

    • So glad you liked it Paula. 😀 I’ve found some of the old knitting instruction guides have the most hilarious pictures ever! Especially the ones that rock the 80’s glam. HA! 😀

  1. Thank God I got this in time. I almost wore regular clothes to work today. After digging through my closet for 17 min. 39 sec. I finally found my sleeveless argyle sweater and a pair of corduroy knickers. My wife suggested turning my shirt collar up to make a “bold fashion statement.”

    I can tell the other guys at work are envious by the way they keep gawking at me, and the women are smiling and whispering to each other. Yes siree, I’m at the top of my game today!

    • LOL Russell! Hey, while you’re rockin’ your new Casual Friday outfit be sure to get someone to take a snapshot of you for your online profile picture! There’s no reason the rest of us should be deprived of Russell in his corduroy knickers!

  2. Somehow, I just knew you’d found an old knitting book at Pottery Barn!…. BTW, where can I get that two-tone cardigan? It’s just like my high school letter sweater…. Of course, THAT was from 1968, not the 80’s, when cardigans were still cool…. 🙂

    • You’re right Ned, It does look like a letter sweater! Okay, now you have to tell me what you lettered in in 1968. I’m going to take a guess and say football?

      • 😆 I was an unusual jock, since I was also valedictorian… but, in 1968 I lettered in, yes, football, but also basketball, and baseball, making the all-league teams in football and baseball… not to brag or anything…. SIGH… Those were the days… back when I could do more than walk, which, these days, I feel lucky to be able to do at all…

        • Wow! And Valedictorian! (Well somehow that doesn’t surprise me :D) It sound like your high school years were really fabulous! How nice to have all those wonderful memories and have gotten to be a part of all of that!! I’ll bet it was great fun!

          • Aye, I’ve a good store of memories from those years, and, aside from the usual difficulties due to hormonal storms, peer pressures, broken hearts, and other youthful indiscretions, it was a good time, and a lot of fun… and an interesting time to live through in Northern California during the 60’s and 70’s, for sure… 😀

    • Boy oh boy no kidding about the Duds! And I have yet to find anything that equals the ridiculousness of the 80’s. How did we ever greet other without busting out laughing?

    • If we’re lucky. If those fashion come back it will mean the world has finally gone mad — which is really okay with me now that I think about it! 😀

    • It’s so funny isn’t it? How we can’t see the clownish things we’re wearing at the time. It’s only in retrospect that we see how utterly appalling everything was!! LOL!! 😀

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