33-Word Trifecta Challenge: That Tragic Extra P

Hello Dear Readers!  It’s time to get out the word shaker and shake out 33 words for this week’s 33-word Trifecta Writing Challenge.  This time we are asked to “write the origin story to the superhero of your choice in exactly 33 words.”

That Tragic Extra P

Gobbling the third meal of the day faster than a speeding bullet by age 2.

More powerful than breakfast and lunch and dinner by 20!

It’s a nerd!

It’s inane!

It’s Supperman!

It's a nerd!  It's inane!  It's Supperman!
The Adventures of Supperman!

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

39 thoughts on “33-Word Trifecta Challenge: That Tragic Extra P

  1. Bwahahaha! That hand holding the plate looks like something from Squidbillies! And I love the Squidbillies so… you know what that means! Yep. Your hand looks like some kind of squid.

    • Haha Marie! As you can plainly see I had absolutely no control over my hand when I drew that hand. I’ve never heard of Squidbillies. I’ll have to google it! 😀

    • Thanks Lumdog. I love breakfast food for dinner too. (It’s funny how we never call it supper anymore) To me eggs are the perfect dinner. They’re light and easy and quick!!

  2. So glad my sons aren’t Supperman…I’d have to get another job to buy food (they eat enough as it is- and we’re not even to teen years yet!)

    • Oh no! And you’re not even to the teen years yet. YIKES! I remember when my kids were teens, I had to hide the cookies and the soda for years. They never found it either. But then why would anybody look under the bed for hostess cupcakes!! 😀

    • LOL TM!! Maybe he was always hungry angry. Actually that wouldn’t be a bad combo of emotions. Providing it was big eating day like Thanksgiving! 😀

    • I’m getting hungry all over again answering these comments. I want to go out and buy a waffle iron. Oh I just thought of something. If you make waffles with a waffle iron, why wouldn’t you pancakes with a regular iron? (I think I need to go eat something . . . )

  3. Does Supperman make his own meals? I certainly hope he doesn’t expect Mrs. Supperman to be in the kitchen all the time!

    Thanks for linking up! Please don’t forget to come back to vote!

  4. Funyunman could eat Supperman under the table!! But Supp doesn’t hafta worry– Al tried to change into his costume, and the big fat slob’s stuck in a phone both!!

    Which is surprising, really, considering how greasy he is… : P

    Poor Lois– no wonder she never gets asked to do hand lotion commercials!!

    • Hahah! Mark! Yes indeed poor, dear, dumb Al! I can just see him now with his chubby face pressed up against the glass not being able to reach his Funyuns . . . Perhaps a plea for help in the fogged up Funyun breath glass “If you care about the en-vi-ron-ment, please save the whale! 😛

      Poor Lois and her unfortunate hands! Well at least she can cook, even if it’s only breakfast! HA!

      I know poor Lois. She just can’t get a break!

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