The Trifecta 33-Word Writing Challenge: Herman’s Plan to Get More Girls

This weekend’s 33 word Trifecta Writing Challenge is to come up a very short take on how sometimes it’s best to be careful what you wish for!

We are asked to write about three wishes that come as a high price to the wisher:

Herman’s Plan to Get More Girls

Herman woke up on a raft at sea with seaweed sticking to his head indicating something had gone horribly wrong with his wish for a deck, an ocean view and a new toupee.

“Well at least on a clear day I can see forever, I suppose.”

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

58 thoughts on “The Trifecta 33-Word Writing Challenge: Herman’s Plan to Get More Girls

  1. Extremely tight, well-constructed and well-written story. Tremendously well done! Thanks for providing such an entertaining read for us all.

  2. Lol! Herman will learn to be more specific with his wishes next time. And, I guess the only girls he will “get” will be mermaids. Very clever. I loved how you set the scene and then described the wish afterward to explain his peculiar circumstances!

  3. I agree with lumdog. I loved the way you told us the result then the wishes. Herman was not precise enough! I will remember that when the genie gives me my three! You always have the best pictures to capture your stories (and you do tell them in 33 words…amazing!).

    • Oh thank you Gina. It’s interesting how the story always evolves a little more when I go looking for pictures. And the fact that I found a couple pictures of men wearing seaweed toupees in google images tells me I’m just one of many crazy people. So reassuring! 😀

    • LOL Mark! “his meager strands” is the very first phrase I’ve read today and I gotta say reading it started my day off with a bang! A meager bang, but that’s the best kind of bang! 😀 And how ironic that it is Al himself who is the cause fpr the polar melting. Life is funny like that (when MacGiggles is around)!

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