Brenda’s New Job Sucks

Welcome Dear Readers! It’s time for Friday Fictioneers. And the good thing is you don’t even have to have any ears to participate!

All you have to do is go to Rochelle Wisoff-FieldsAddicted to Purple and take a look at the picture (which is posted every Wednesday) and write a 100-word story about it. Link up and Viola!  Lookee you!  You’re a Friday Fictioneer!! 

Here’s this week’s picture:

Rochelle  Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to purple

Brenda’s New Job Sucks

And they expected her to do this for eternity?  Seriously?  Brenda hadn’t even been a ghost for a full hour, and she was bored stiff.

Brenda swept her arm across the bar again. Everything went crashing to the floor again.  Hardly anyone one noticed, again, because the jukebox was screaming Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog again.

“It’s a ghost!” Someone shouted. “I got her picture!”

Everyone rushed over including Brenda.  Yeah, that was her alright. Everyone thought she looked spooky, but Brenda thought she looked fat.

Well, Brenda’s supervisor was coming tomorrow.   Maybe he’d reassign her somewhere better.  Like hell.

And there you have it, Dear Readers, this week’s Friday Fictioneer’s Challenge.  

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53 thoughts on “Brenda’s New Job Sucks

  1. Dear god, I hope we lose our self-consciousness when we die! A ghost worrying about being fat! How terrible! Thanks for the chuckles, darling, this was a good one.

    • Yes, it would be awful to be a ghost and still be worrying about being fat (and pale too!). I’ve got to admit being a ghost with body issues is not a very pleasing afterlife scenario! 😀

  2. Even Hell sounds better than having to haunt a bar where they okay Jeremiah was a Bull Frog on repeat. At least it wasn’t Karaoke!

  3. Gee, I was hoping to look a little lighter in the next life. Even a great song like “Joy to the World,” by Hoyt Axton (a truly great songwriter) can get old after the 25th repetition.

    Great take on the prompt, Linda.

    • Ha ha Russell! Well, at least the first 24 times brings Joy to You and Me. I think chubby ghosts are pretty rare actually (I think one of Casper’s tormenters was a tad pudgy) so I wouldn’t worry too much. Even if you look fat at least you’ll be semitransparent, which has got to take off the ten pounds the camera adds.

  4. Funny story. Sounds like Brenda’s going to get fired (or fired up – or maybe fired down, if she’s asking for a downward reassignment). Anyway, fun story even if she is a might pudgy. Randy

  5. lol i knew there’d be good stuff here. i understand how frustrating it could be when you send stuff crashing on the ground and nobody even notices. haha great story

    • Oh really Lily. I worked in a bar for one night. I didn’t make any money because I kept giving people the wrong change. It really was a horrible experience! 😀

  6. Yeah, if I was a ghost I would want to look my best ever and avoid all drudgery. That was definitely a funny line and good story though.

  7. So if she still had to listen to Jeremiah was a Bullfrog after death, there’s a good argument to be made she already was in Hell. Thankfully I don’t think there’s any ABBA in Hell because the Devil’s not that cruel! Funny take on the prompt!

    • Well I haven’t thought of ABBA for years so I went to YouTube and refreshed my memory with “Waterloo”. Now I know why I haven’t thought of ABBA for years. You’re right, not even the devil could be that cruel! 😀

  8. Dear Linda,
    I shudder to think what her next job might be. A ghost who’s worried about being fat…I agree with Janet. That would be hell in itself. Clever story.

    • Thank you Rochelle! 😀 Poor Brenda. I think all she really needs is a shot of self-esteem and for someone to turn down the jukebox. Either way she should really give it more than an hour. Ha! 😀

  9. Would this be considered personification? I am not sure. But you know ghosts would probably have the same concerns people do about appearance. I like the humor.

  10. Ah, life is tough as a ghost. No real appreciation, I tell you. Little room for professional advancement as well. I guess we all do what we can. Delightful story.

  11. hey, that’s pretty cool, Linda! I liked the photograph part. I doubt any one of us will be doing any drinking soon … at least, not at a bar!

  12. Really good story. Enjoyed it. Could you have dispensed with the word Brenda here and there and used pronouns instead?
    A job for eternity!? I’ll try not to die.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Patrick. I reread my story with your suggestion in mind and you’re right. I should have used she to start the second paragraph. Thanks. 😀

  13. Nice. Funny and a cool spoof…spook. Ever watch ‘The Hunted Collector’ or any of those shows that claim to be modern ghost hunters. I was watching this one show, can’t place the name though where they recreated and debunked some of what folks saw and thought paranormal. I still like the ghost movies – the one with Whoopi Goldberg and the young kid that saw ‘dead people’. I also am a big fan of the old TV show ‘The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.
    I think I may have had a crush on Edward Mulhare – the good Captain.

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