Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge Try 2: Herbert Huv Gets the Heave Ho!

This weekend’s Trifecta challenge is to write a story between 33 and 333 words using the picture for a prompt. 


Herbert Huv Gets the Heave Ho!

Herbert Huv’s wife, Hev, was about ready to give Herbert Huv the heave ho.  Hev Huv had had it with Herbert Huv’s hoarding.   Oh how Hev had hounded Herbert — yet Herbert was still hellbent on hoarding.

One day however Herbert Huv said he would hoard no more.  Hev Huv was so happy she hugged her husband Herbert Huv hard!  “How Heoric!” Hev Huv homaged.

It wasn’t until he added that he was also a hermaphrodite hooked on heroin that he got the heave ho.

18 thoughts on “Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge Try 2: Herbert Huv Gets the Heave Ho!

  1. ‘[He was a] hermaphrodite hooked on heroin’ Are you kidding me? That is inspired — it’s world class! I love your writing and I love how different this is to your first entry. Thanks for linking up. (Although just recently, we introduced a rule that allows only one entry per person per week. It seems a shame when entries are this good, but we felt it was fairer that people only submit once to the competition.)

    • World class! OMG! That compliment is going directly to my head, not stopping to pass go!! LOL! So glad you enjoyed the hijinks of the Huvs! And I can certainly understand how you would want to limit it to one entry. I’ll still write two but only link one! It’s just too much fun to only do one! 😀

    • You know how something just comes to you as opposed to when you think something up? These come to me. I find I do a lot better when I have an idea to work off of. I’ve been writing off and on since 1989. I love blogging the best though. 😀

  2. Well it’s a bummer that the Trifecta writing people only let you enter once per week beacuse I thouroughlly enjoy reading your posts! Hopefuly you Peanuts can find new challege to amuse us with each week!

    • What? You’re not wearing your Santa Suit? And here I had you pegged for a guy who wears his Santa Suit 24/7/365 — just shows you how wrong a person can be! 😛 :b 😀 (I just made up that second emoticon, I think)

  3. I had such high hopes for the Huvs. I guess when Herbert asked Hev if she would have him, he’d hoodwinked her with his hullabaloo.

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