Current Events Coloring Pages

Dear Readers, I think you’ll agree when I say that this world doesn’t need more current events.  What this world needs is more current events coloring pages.  To that end, this blog has taken it upon itself to provide coloring pages for some of today’s true news stories.


While we humans today enjoy sinking our teeth into a MacDonald’s Big Mac apparently some of our ancestors ate nothing but grass.

After examining the teeth of the ape-like 2.5 million-year-old East African Hominids, researchers from the University of Barcelona and the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. have concluded that they ate mostly grass.



East African Hominids

A new study found bees can do arithmetic. After watching bees do stuff ad nauseum, Professor Adrian Dyer found that symbols representing simple math problems were presented to bees tasked with picking the tunnel that was marked with the correct answer.  Incredibly the bees were able to get the answer right 75% of the time!

Bees Capable of Mastering Basic Math Skills Coloring Page




When Emily Edwards was a little girl vacationing in Wales, she stuck a message in the bottle and launched it out to sea.  Imagine her surprise when it washed up 17 years later!

Message in Bottle Thrown in Sea Found 17 Years Later Coloring Page



And that concludes the current affairs coloring pages fort day Dear Readers!  Happy Coloring!

5 thoughts on “Current Events Coloring Pages

    • Maybe if you put one of your books in a bottle and sent it out to sea . . . I think you’re hit on a stellar marketing idea, Russell, and it seems like it would work just about as good as anything else.

  1. Was I not supposed to use crayons on my computer screen ? Sometimes I need very explicit instructions. Good thing there wasn’t folding or scissors involved. I’ll check with you first next time.

  2. You had me at East African Hominids, and I laughed so hard, my beehive is all soggy!!– truly some of your finest artwork ever, and that’s saying something!! Outstanding, fantastic, boffo to de max!!! 😂🎨🏆

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