The Georgia O’Keeffe Incident

The Georgia O'Keeffe Incident

Until next time . . . I love you


16 thoughts on “The Georgia O’Keeffe Incident

  1. Leonard Fly and thd math lady have a lot in common! They both jump of buildings the exact same way.

    • I sometimes have to wonder if the amount of jumping off of buildings that goes on in this blog is more than other blogs. It seem a little disproportionate to me. I’d feel bad, but then I didn’t invent buildings so . . . it’s really not my fault.

  2. Great prose, made even more special by the fine architectural line drawings that infest so much of Vernon’s work. A modern classic. 9.6.

  3. Oh how I laughed! How I shreiked! How I cackled!!
    I felt like some underground gas that’d been frackled!
    My eyes, how they rolled, oh I thought I would die
    Transported I was, like poor Leonard Fly!!!

    And when I got to the part which explained why this post was called “The Georgia O’Keefe Incident,” I roared with laughter and mightily proclaimed: Linda Vernon is a genius!!– insane, but truly a genius!!!! : )

    • Ahaha!! Oh how I love your poem!! “Underground gas that’d been frackled!” And hear I woke up this morning not expecting to hear that phrase at all today — Boy was I wrong! Life is full of wonderful surprises . . . like Mark Armstrong!

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