33-Word Trifecta Challenge: Strutner VonPuddlepants Makes a Decision

Hello Dear Readers!  This weekend’s Trifecta Writing Challenge is to write 33 words using a picture of a pigeon as a prompt.

Strutner VonPuddlepants Makes A Decision

Strutner VonPuddlepants had his feathers in a twist.

Turns out Polly cheats . . .

Yesterday — a crow from skid row.

Today — some french fry scavenger.

Luckily Strutner VonPuddlepants knows a cat who owes him a favor.

empire state buidling pigeon
Strutner VonPuddlepants decides to move on.


Until next time . . . I love you


Photo Credit:  ZeroOne/Foot.com/CC BY-SA

66 thoughts on “33-Word Trifecta Challenge: Strutner VonPuddlepants Makes a Decision

        • Ha! I guess it’s time we as a society resigned ourselves to the reality of evil pigeons. (But no need to mention this fact to the children yet, we should keep if from them as long as possible!) ! 😀

          • oh for sure – wasn;t it pigepns on that one movie BIrds? the Alfred Hitchcock ? oh no it was gulls but there has to be at least one pigeon in Angry Birds… ug I hate that game.. oh I got an idea.. … but ph please lets not tell the kids 9 yo has been a mess from the hunger games (not me that let her watch it just saying..for once lol) I can;t imagine the idea of evil pigeons.. scares me 🙂

            • Haha! Hunger Games would be scarey. But then again I was scared of Alice in Wonderland when I was little. I was always worried about falling down a hole. In the 50’s there were lots of abandoned wells and little kids were always falling in them and it would take them days to get them out. So that was my big fear LOL!

              The birds was a really scarey idea too. Evil pigeons is scarey and crows too. I’ve always been suspicious of crows, anyway. They are just too smart!!

              • ohh i never thought of that…I was terrified of Wizard of OZ.. I actually wasnt; scared of Alicie in Wonderland til they made the non animated version and apparently – was it that or Wizard….one was never meant to be a children;s book – ..oh I have to go look that up.

                • Oh yeah. I think probably Alice in Wonderland. It was some sort of a commentary on the Royal family and British politics. The Wizard of Oz was really scarey. I loved that movie with all my heart and still do. When I was little they only telecast it once a year in March. Oh I remember how much I looked forward to it!

  1. Strunter Von puddlepants will make the cat an offer he can refuse. This is one of my favorite of your 33 word challenges yet!

    • Ha! Ah yes. The Badass pigeon! A tale as old as time . . . LOL!

      Thank you so much Tom for your nice words. You always leave such nice comments!! Truly appreciated too! 😀

  2. I think Struttner needs to get over these feelings of violence and anger and get to the real issues of why Polly cheated on him in the first place.
    Maybe he’s insecure about his wingspan…

  3. ROFL!Linda,you will be the death of me!This is hilarious!Polly loves variety but has no taste (though she should have not underestimated her mate)-hopefully the cat will find a tasty morsel in her;-)

  4. This is great! It’s one of the funniest non-pigeon-pooping posts I’ve read! Take that back, it’s one my favorite for any of the pics (I only have a few more to read. Whew!)

    I love that you didn’t go the poop route (that’s where my mind went when I saw this picture, so I chose another :))

    • Ha! It’s so funny because poop never crossed my mind! Duh! You’d think it would have. So I guess I can’t take any credit for rejecting the poop route LOL! Good for you for getting through the entries!! I had company all weekend so I had to sneak in my writing! I hope I can get to a few of them today! Fingers crossing, god willling, pigeons pooping

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