Life Is Very Beautiful

Hello Dear Readers.  I am happy to announce something wonderful.  My daughter, Nikki, and her husband, Matt, welcomed their first daughter, Lily Lucille, to her new life on January 15th  in the wee hours of the morning.

Lily Lucille Kaiser

Lily Lucille and Nikki Kaiser
Lily Lucille and  Nikki

Life is very beautiful . . .

Until next time . . . I love you all

36 thoughts on “Life Is Very Beautiful

  1. Life is Beautiful and so is Lily! I see a lot of Matt in her so far (with Nikki’s rosebud lips). She’ll be a knock out!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!! She is precious, Linda. What a beautiful baby! Congratulations to all of you!! Well done to Nikki and Matt. I happen to think that Lily is a perfect name, so romantic. She’ll love it, no doubt, as much as my Lily!!
    Blessings to all!!

    PS – Is it just me, or does Lily Lucille already look very intelligent?? She looks like she already has the world figured out! 🙂

    • Thank you Lisa! Oh what fun we are having already! (Of course, I’m not the one getting up with her. I love being the grandma!) We just love her name. It just seems to perfectly fit her. And you’re right, it is romantic. She does look wise doesn’t she? Kind of like “Okay, here I go again! LOL! Thank your for your blessings Lisa. ❤

  3. Many congratulations, Grandma!!!

    This is such wonderful news! As a January baby (my birthday’s tomorrow) I can say that January is a good month to be born in! 😀 ENJOY! x

    • Happy Birthday Katy!!! That is so cool that you two have birthdays so close together! I love that she’s a Capricorn!

      And I hope you have a really fun day planned! 😀

    • Thank you so much Diane! The company that took the pictures are going to use her in their brochures and website so they got the pictures for free — which is good because I don’t think they could afford to buy any! LOL! 😀

  4. Look at the way her little nose is crinkling with distaste– it’s obvious some stupid nurse was eating Funyuns!! Oh, well– I suppose she might as well start learning the sad facts of life. Just don’t show her a Pottery Barn catalogue until she’s at least 8 weeks old!!!

    Sincere congrats!! : )

    • Thank you so much Mark!! Hahaha! You don’t know how right you are about the nurse eating Funyuns. Her name was Phyllis and boy was she ever a character!!

      And I will heed your advice which is very sound not to show her a PB catalog until she’s 8 weeks old. And won’t show her a picture of Al Gore until she’s old enough to handle it. LOL! And who knows when that will be! 😀

  5. Mazel tov!! She’s beautiful, that photo is breathtaking and I’m envious of you being a grandma!! Oh, life is beautiful, indeed!

  6. Oh Wonderful – I am so happpy for you! and they are both beautiful just like their Mom n Grams… oh congratulations!! Much love and big hugs and kisses… Look how sweet she is…already looking around like ..she wants to figure it all out…

    • OH Thank you so much daughter dear!! ❤ I am so happy I can't even describe it. Life is just getting better and better. I bet you are having so much fun with your little guy too! How old is he now? Let me guess . . . 18 months? — time goes so fast he might even be older . . .

      • stupid WP ate my reply – not once but twice… grrr..
        Caden is a year old! I can hardly believe it his birthday was last week.. there is another on the way but I can;t tell cause I am waiting for her to tell lol… oh thats a good one but we shall see how it all plays out.. I am having a ball with him..I forgot how stinking (literally on that part) cute they are when they start to interact and imitate.. he is a corker and a quick learner I have taught him all kinds of (probably shouldn;t have ) things… oh I am an (cyber)aunt! oh give her a little squeeze – loving aunt kinda mushy one – for me – she is just precious.. and gosh look at Mama – I was a wreck with crazy hair and horrible black circles afterwards – (oh wait that’s eveyday) and she looks so put together and serene… MUAH! ♥

        • Cayden is one already! Oh I wish we could freeze time! Don’t you Lizzie? I mean at the good parts. (Sometimes it feels like at the bad parts, time does freeze lol!) Oh I bet you are having a ball with little Mr. Stinkypants!! One is such a very adorable age! I’m not surprised at all that he is a quick learner. Just like his mama and Grams(?) Did you ever decide on your moniker? Maybe it will be determined by what Cayden decides to call you! HA! And another on the way!!! Oh LIZZIE! That means I’m going to be a triple granny!! Haha! I don’t know if I can stand all the happiness that is surrounding me right now. What am I saying YES! of course I can!! Haha! Your sis Nikki does always manage to land on her feet when it comes to looking good in pictures. She must take after you! 😀 HA! And I will give Lily a kiss just from you dear Lizzie! MUAH! Love you! What a great year we are going to have Lizzie! 😀 ( I guess I better send this before WP erases it! And I appreciate your perserverance!!

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