The California Ark Storm!

Welcome Dear Readers! Here’s a post I wrote awhile back.  I don’t remember how far back, but I’m pretty sure I wrote it within the last 100 years.

The California Ark Storm!

“There’s supposed to be a Storm to Remember coming this weekend!” my mailman warned.

Really!  I’d better get my camera out for this one.

Devestation caused by the storm to remember.

For the hearty souls who brave the threat of a major earthquake each and every day, Californians are surprisingly wimpy weather-wise.

For instance, rain is something out of which all California children must be kept.

What if they were outside, say, walking, say, and it started raining actual raindrops?  They are wet you know, and they are hurtling to earth at death-defying speeds.

Yes, it’s true the average California child has lived through six earthquakes so far, but that’s nothing when you compare it to getting slapped in the face with a bullet of H20.   Every Californian knows a thing like that could cause permanent nerve damage!

Californians would hate Seattle

In Seattle, where the sun shines so rarely it’s often mistaken for Venus, it’s just the opposite.

Weather exists only as degrees of dampness.  So Seattle-ites whip out their sunglasses the instant the sun makes an appearance.  They are quick on the draw, these Damp People.

You’ll be driving along on the Seattle freeway when suddenly the sun appears, ufo-like, from behind a rain-soaked, humidity-filled fog bank.  You quickly glance over at the cars on either side of you — and what do you know?  The drivers already have on their sunglasses.  Huh?  Why do they even own sunglasses?    Five seconds later, when the sun dashes behind a 120-percent-chance-of-rain cloud, all sunglasses are quickly removed, twirled between thumb and forefinger and expertly returned to holsters.

Now Weatherians (new word I just made up, feel free to spread it around but be sure to capitalize it) gleefully tell us that California is long overdue for a super storm called the Ark Storm.  Experts (people who hang out at Ark Storm scenario summits) tell us that the last Ark Storm hit California in 1861 causing a flood of such epic proportions it wiped out the entire 1861 California Cattle Industry estimated at the time to be 7 cows, 2 chickens and a pig.

Devastation of the 1861 Ark Storm!

Some experts who were actually listening at the Ark Storm Scenario Summit remind us that two really Stormy Storms hit Northern California in 1986 and 1997.

Devastation caused by the storm of 1986 and 1997.

Even though I was unlucky enough to be living in Northern California during both of these horrific storms, luckily I didn’t notice them.

But being a True California, I’m just sure I drove my kids to school both those days.

Until next time . . . I love you

8 thoughts on “The California Ark Storm!

  1. Cheers to weatherians! you’ll go out rain or shine! 😀 we never know what we’ll get up here in Vancouver so we just pack it all and go with the flow. oh and yups we do get nasty floods too 😦

    • Oh I bet. Up there in British Columbia, it’s probably colder than Seattle. Do you get much snow up there? It sure is a beatiful city. I remember we went up there one years ago and ate that the Speghetti Factory. I remember the beer being a lot stronger than ours.

      • Ah, spaghetti factory! it’s one of my favorite pasta houses. Yep! we get a good sprinkle around March and closer to April. You’d think we could get it around Christmas but old man winter is stingy 😡

        oh and yups! it’s been cooling off steadily here, I miss the summer already 😦

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