Tarry Not Dear Gwendolyn

Horrible Art by Linda Vernon

Tary Not Dear Gwendolyn

Tary not Dear Gwendolyn

In TJ Max or Sears

Your bank account’s in shambles

And your bills are in arrears



Tary not Dear Gwendolyn

On stationery (lined)

That credit card you just ran through?

It’s sure to be declined.


Tary not Dear Gwendolyn

Over bobbles do not fuss

It would serve you well to keep in mind

You can’t afford the bus

* * *

Until next time . . . I love you

16 thoughts on “Tarry Not Dear Gwendolyn

  1. I think dear Gwendolyn spends so much in search of the elusive device that will balance her arms.
    Maybe if she ties the shorter one to the door and slams it, it will pull some length of the other one through?

    (it’s also quite possible I shouldn’t ponder these questions while the afternoon coffee is racing through my veins…)

    • Dear old Gwen is going to love you for that idea! She’s been trying to figure out how to fix her arm situation all her life. And now the door to a lengthening future awaits! Gwen says keep drinking that coffee as she also needs your help on balancing her check book.

    • Ah! Thanks Trent! I would be so flattered if you read one to your kids. I wrote one today I’m going to put up tomorrow. I think it might be okay to read to them. On second thought . . . well I don’t know. (You’re a good dad!)

  2. Fantastic! I could see a whole series of these Tarry Nots– maybe a whole book!! And yes, I’d definitely consider a children’s book. Everything goes wrong for Gwendolyn, but she soldiers on, oblivious. As an unregistered and decertified child psychologist, I’d even argue that the books would teach kids resilience!! Seriously, give it some thought! Great stuff, Linda!!!! : )

    • Oh Mark! I love that idea! And I truly would have never thought of it. She soldiers on, oblivious. Oh! You’re comment has just opened up a whole new universe of possibilities for our dear Gwendolyn and for me!! Thank you so much Mark!!! I’ll be rubbing my hands together in Gwendolyn contemplation as soon as I’m done typing this! You’re the best!!!

      • Good, good, good!!! I think Dear Gwendolyn would be a great success– she keeps getting kicked in the hiney, but she doesn’t even notice, just toddles on to the next disaster! And you could illustrate it, too– your drawings would complement the zaniness perfectly– really! Go for it!! : )

        • Doggone it! I am going to go for it!!! Thank you so much, Mark for always being so supportive and helpful and sweet as all get out!! I can’t tell you how much it means to me, Mr. McGiggles! 😀

          • Excellent!! Dear Gwendolyn is a great character, and a perfect one, really, for the times we live in– she toddles on, unsinkable!! And she’s a perfect vehicle for your unique humor which deserves a wider audience. Onward! McGiggles is proud to be in your corner!! : )

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