Trifecta Reading Challenge: A Goat Would Solve All Our Problems

Hello Dear Readers.  This weekend the Trifecta Challengers have dared us to scour through our favorite pieces of literature for 33 of the best words we can find.

I chose the following 33 words from one of my most dearly beloved writers,  Robert Benchley.  They are from the beginning of his essay entitled  Mutiny on the “Bounty” from a volume of his collected essays:  My Ten Years in a Quandary and how they grew.  (It’s available free online here.)

If we had a goat,” I said to Mr. MacGregor, “it would solve all our problems.”

“A what?” he asked, without looking up.

“A goat,” I repeated.

“It would solve what?” he asked . . .

a drawing of a goat with a Robert Benchley quote

Until next time . . . I love you

57 thoughts on “Trifecta Reading Challenge: A Goat Would Solve All Our Problems

  1. Other than eating refuse and head-butting enemies in their nether-regions…. how? Linda, can you expound upon this with (or without) Peanuts’ help?

    I suppose we can make goat-cheese (yum) and goat soap (um…)…

  2. A goat does seem like it could be useful in a lot of ways. For example, suppose a burglar tries to get into your house. They’re in your living room and all of a sudden, BAM! Attack goat!

  3. Ha! Great quote! We had goats when I was a kid (no pun intended!) and I can’t speak for their problem-solving capacity, but they sure can – and do – eat anything. Including houses.

    • Haha! Well, maybe watching them eat everything can distract one from one’s problems. I think I need to get one ASAP, Suzanne! HA! My closets really need to be cleaned out! 😀

  4. I love this!
    I haven’t read Robert Benchley, but I’ve read all of Dorothy Parker… in fact I just started tweeting as @parker_dotty. It is my homage to her! I will have to read this.

    • Dorothy Parker! I especially loved her poems. I’ll have to check out your Parker Tweets. Kylie. Have you seen the movie, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle? If not, I highly recommend it! 😀

      • Yes! Way back in college. My room mates and I saw it, and then all read her collected works. I put the Benchley book on my Goodreads list 🙂

        • Benchley never fails to entertain me. I have been collecting his books for years. Boy you hardly ever come across any anymore. They used to be in the thrift stores but now they are all scarfed up by the big used book services and hugely expensive. But I still keep my open for “Fred” as Dorothy Parker called him. 😀

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