Trifecta Writing Challenge: On The Internal Organ Fortitude of Writing

Hello Dear Readers!  It’s time for the weekly Trifecta Challenge and this week we are being prompted by the third definition of  word:  anticipation:

On The Internal Organ Fortitude of Writing

In anticipation of participation concerning this week’s Trifecta dissertation

I thought it wise to compromise with this small negotiation:

Certain words I will not use

Like “whatever” and “ginormous”

Those words I think we all abuse

In word salad’s bord of Smorgas


And then there’s times when nothing rhymes

And spelling’s out the door

We feel just like we might become

Vice President Al Gore!


When all seems lost and at any cost

We cannot buy a vowel

We think our wrists to slit, we will!

But we only have a trowel . . .


Well that is life

And we struggle through

Its ups and then it’s downs

Even though it makes us feel like awkward nauseous clowns


And so I beg you writers all

Not to tremble nor to quiver

For to live life as twas meant to be

You have to be a live-r.

"I'm a liver and I'm livin' it up!  Woooooohoooooo!"
 I’m livin’ it up! Woooooohoooooo!”

Until next time . . . I love you

30 thoughts on “Trifecta Writing Challenge: On The Internal Organ Fortitude of Writing

  1. Edgar Allen Poe couldn’t have said it better himself! ’twas quite poem mother dear! It brought to me a moment of cheer. Hear hear!

  2. My brain hurts from the spectaculacity in here!

    (By the way, I think I left my flagon with the dragon on the bord of Smorgas.
    Sorry bout that – I thought it was a coaster.)

  3. I never thought of this before, but, of course, it’s best to be a live-r. A wise credo for all your internal organs to live by (and us too!). And I am alive with anticipation to try your bord of Smorgas!! I’ve missed all your great stuff as I’ve been unhinged the last couple of weeks, but I hope to live life as it twas meant to be, at least, for the holidays.

    • Ha ha! Well I’m glad you are back with us. I hate it when the real world gets in the way of our fun! How dare it, doesn’t it know we are live-rs? Maybe it takes us for pancre -ases? Oops that didn’t sound quite right! Anyway glad your back for the holidays Lumdog! 😀

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