The Drawing Lady Teaches Us How to Draw Louie XIV

Good news, Dear Readers!  The Drawing Lady, everybody’s favorite tortured art teacher, is going to teach us how to draw a portrait of Louie XIV of France!

But please remember that The Drawing Lady has only recently recovered from the last lesson she gave us — when we made her so frustrated with all our questions and bad drawings — that she felt compelled to jump from the sixth story art school window — breaking every bone in her body.  

She’s since recovered but– . . . oh here she comes now . . . remember best behavior everyone . . . 

The Drawing Lady, everybody's favorite tortured art teacher
The Drawing Lady, everybody’s favorite tortured art teacher

Today The Drawing Lady will be teaching us how to draw a portrait of Louie XIV of France. Perhaps, Dear Readers, you are asking yourselves why Louie the XIV of France and not a rock or a fence or a horse?

a rock, a fence and a horse

Dear Readers!  What did we just talk about?  You are upsetting the Drawing Lady already with all your questions!  The Drawing Lady would simply like you to draw this portrait of Louie XIV of France to the best of your ability.

Louie  XV of France

The Drawing Lady says now  you try:

Louie XIV of France

Like this, Drawing Lady?  Is this good, Drawing Lady?  Does this look like Louie XIV of France, Drawing Lady? Did we get the  expression in the eyes right, Drawing Lady? 

Dear Readers,  The Drawing Lady is acknowledging that you have attempted to draw Louie XIV, but that is all.    She has begun hyperventilating ever so slightly  and implores you to try harder, much much harder.

The Drawing Lady would like you to try again by drawing this portrait of Louis XIV by Rigaud:

Louis_XIV_of_France by Rigaud

The Drawing Lady says now you try:

Louie XIV by Linda Vernon

Like this, Drawing Lady?  Is this good, Drawing Lady?  Did we produce  a distinctive aesthetic experience for you, Drawing Lady?  Do you like the way we drew his legs, Drawing Lady?  

Dear Readers!  The Drawing Lady has taken a break from her hyperventilating to swear a blue streak!  She cannot believe how poorly you have drawn the example!  The Drawing Lady absolutely insists  that you put more umph into it this time or she’ll  . . .  well let’s not think about what she’ll do.

The Drawing Lady would like you to try your very best to draw this portrait of Louie XIV in battle.

louis-xiv The Battle of Blenheim

The Drawing Lady says now you try:

Louie XIV The Battle of Blemheim by Linda Venron

How’s this Drawing Lady?  Did we get the horse’s feet right,  Drawing Lady?  Do you think we were able to capture his generosity of spirit, Drawing Lady?  

Dear Readers, the Drawing Lady is currently screaming into a pillow and therefore cannot answer your question bombardment.   She is giving you one last chance to redeem yourselves, Dear Readers,  by drawing this portrait of baby Louie XIV of France or she’ll . . . or she’ll . . . well, let’s not think about “or she’ll’s.

Baby Louie XIV

The Drawing Lady says now you try:

Baby Louie XIV by Linda Vernon

How this Drawing Lady? Do you think the  flower is impassioned,  Drawing Lady?  Why are you opening the window, Drawing Lady? . . .  Drawing Lady? . . .   Drawing Lady? . . . 

Dear Readers, I regret to inform you that the Drawing Lady has exited the building via her usual way —by plunging from The Drawing Lady School of Art’s  sixth story window.

This conclude our drawing lesson for today.

The Drawing Lady takes another Plunge

Until next time . . . I love you

26 thoughts on “The Drawing Lady Teaches Us How to Draw Louie XIV

  1. You say “tortured” art teacher like there’s any other kind. Have you ever met the professor of a writing program at a university? Thorough torment.

    This was really funny. A lot of people have the nerve to label their blog as ‘humor’ but you can deliver the goods.

    • I never have met a writing program professor but I can imagine the level of torture. I knew a journalism professor that was downright bitter though. (and had absolutely NO sense of humor) And thank you for your kind words, Mark! Much appreciated.

  2. You’d think the school would have installed a slide or an landing airbag or something for her by now.
    Who knows, then she might even enjoy it and be able to get back to her happy place!

    • You know that’s a darned good idea. I’m going to have to have that arranged. Maybe she could just wear a dress that turns into an airbag on impact! Because I have a feeling she jumps out of windows wherever she goes!

  3. How can you not love a blog that says, “Please leave a comment. I need help finishing my sentences?” I’m so glad I found your blog, except when coffee came flying out of my nose at your
    comments to the Drawing Lady. But it was worth all the napkins.

  4. It looks like Louis xIV is being abducted by aliens in the second to last picture…maybe that is what REALLY happened to him!

    • Ahah! It does. Well at least it looks like something! It’s so hard to draw material! Especially royal material! And maybe that’s what happened to Louie XiV! He probably got abducted 14 times!

  5. These drawings are fine to me. They were produced by marks on a surface just like the painted versions. The drawing lady – is she all right now, after her frustration?
    😎 Have a nice day drawing lady try a few abstracts – good therapy. Blessings KR

  6. Well, I’m happy to report, Ken, that The Drawing Lady is indeed alright. She always jumps out the window after every lesson and breaks every bone in her body, but manages to go on and teach another lesson. Talk about dedication to her art! And thank you for visiting! 🙂

Please leave a comment. I need help finishing my sentences.

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