Gregory’s Vacation Bible School: The Twelve Disciples Coloring Book

Welcome Dear Readers!  This week Gregory was attending vacation bible school which is just like Sunday School only with a lot more coloring.  

Let’s see what Gregory got to color this week, shall we?

 Gregory Brings Home The Twelve Disciples Coloring Book!

One day while Jesus was soaking up some rays at the sea of Galilee, he saw some fishing ships.  Well this gave Jesus an idea!

He would make all the fishermen he saw, fishers of men!  So He got busy recruiting twelve disciples.

So color along with us as we open the pages of the Twelve Disciples Coloring Book!

Simon was one of the first fishermen Jesus recruited.  He belonged to a sect called the Zealot Club where they spent a lot of time poo-pooing taxation and throwing darts at pictures of Pontius Pilate.


"Oops!  Let me try it again.  How about two out of three?"
“Okay, this one’s going right between his beady little eyes.  Oops!  How about two out of three?”

Andrew was known as the “introducer” because he introduced his brother, Simon to Jesus.  He and Simon owned a fishing business, and Andrew did all the marketing.


“Nice to meet ya! Hey, don’t forget to grab a business card before you leave!”

Bartholomew was in Jesus’s top six.  Jesus recognized Bartholomew as a man of imagination and vision.  Plus he had epically big guns!


"Would you believe I only work out twice a week!"
And I only work out twice a week!”

Then there was John. Besides being one of Jesus’s favorites disciples, John was the first person to recognize Jesus after Jesus resurrected. He later went on to write a  bestseller called “The Revelations”.


"Hey, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that Jesus?'
“Hey, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that Jesus over there?’

Then there was John’s brother, James.  James was one of the three disciples who made up Jesus’s inner circle.  James was the first disciple to succumb to martyrdom which in those days was fatal.


"A martyr?  Me?  Well what exactly does that entail?"
“A martyr? Me? Well what exactly does that entail?”

Another Disciple of Jesus’s was also named James.  Everybody called him James the Less because he was younger than the other James.  He kept telling everyone to call him Jimmy but it just never stuck.

James the Less

"Hey James the Lesser!  Bring us some bread.""Not unless you call me Jimmy."
“Hey James the Less! Bring us some bread.”
“Not unless you call me Jimmy!”

Peter (or maybe Simon)

Peter’s name was actually Simon but everybody called him Peter for short except for Jesus who called him “The Rock” or possibly “Rocky” because of his  immovable faith.  And yet, after Jesus got arrested, Peter denied he knew Jesus three times until he heard a rooster crow which reminded him that oh yeah he did know Jesus after all!  Duh!

Peter “The Rock” Simon

Wait a minute . . . now that I think about it, I cock-a-doodle do know Jesus!"
Wait a minute . . . now that I think about it, I cock-a-doodle DO know Jesus!”

Another disciple was Thomas, who was cursed with the nagging doubts that are produced when an individual has low self-esteem combined with being a stickler for details. After Jesus was resurrected, Thomas refused to believe it until Jesus showed him the  nail prints and two pieces ID.


" . . . uh . . . .hmmm. . .  uh"
“Well uh . . .hmm!”

Then there was Jude.  Not to be confused with Judas.  Jude was the least famous of the disciples except for maybe James the Less who was Jude’s brother. Jude was the introverted disciple who never raised his hand and who laughed at everybody’s jokes but never made any himself.


“And that’s why the chicken crossed the road? Hahaha! Get out! That’s hilarious!

One of the disciples was Mathew, who was the richest of the disciples before he gave up everything to follow Jesus.  He was a tax collector and was good with details.  Mathew always had a pencil in his had and took it upon himself to write down everything Jesus said word for word. Everybody thought he was hard of hearing because he was always asking Jesus, “What was that again?”


"Can you say that one more time only slower?"
“Can you say that one more time,  Jesus, only slower?”

And finally there was Judas.  Judas was the disciple who said all the right things but who was slightly sketchy. But nobody suspected just how sketchy until after Jesus got arrested and suddenly Judas had 30 pieces of silver burning a hole in his robe pocket and he was buying everybody drinks and looking at expensive pyramids.  Of course, in the end Judas repented so that he could still get to heaven.


I'll repent just as soon as I'm done spending
I’ll repent the minute I get back from Las Bethlehemgas

And there you have it, Dear Readers!  The Twelve Disciple Coloring Book!  Gregory says have fun coloring and be sure to stay in the lines!

Until next time . . . I love you

34 thoughts on “Gregory’s Vacation Bible School: The Twelve Disciples Coloring Book

  1. I cock-a-doodle do know Jesus!! LOL!!!!
    Oh my gosh, Linda! Thomas required not only the visual nail prints but two forms of ID!!! He really was a stickler for details. I think we can trace everyone’s OCD and neurosis back to him. haha!

  2. One of the best ways to spend my day off, is enjoying your delightful drawings, an insight into your creative mind! Love it! Gives me bravery! Love, love, thank you!

    • Ah! That makes me feel so good Pink! I can’t wait to see yours! It’s so freeing to give yourself permission to just have fun!! 😀 Come on in, the water’s fine! 😀

      • Hahaha… thank you for being such encouragement. I really think the world needs more Linda Vernons. After the week I have been through, really, you’re a sight for sore eyes. 😀

          • OH yes, nothing beats last week. Stalker client disappeared (but there’s always new ones around the corner or like regulars who visit bi-weekly). 😀 And oh yes, the latest and greatest Sunday gym guy who spent more time staring at me than he did working out… Sigh… Me wants man spray. 😀

            • Well it sounds like good fodder for the blog at least Pink! LOL! Men are such suckers for a pretty face!! It’s really kind of comical. I remember reading once that Suzanne Sommers would go to a restaurant before she was married and she’d be eating her dinner invariably some man would send the waiter over to tell her he bought her dinner for her. She said she just hated it because she didn’t want them to buy her dinner. And then she felt obligated to thank them. And then they’d try to ask her out. That would be pretty annoying.

              • LOLOL! You know, it’s funny. I’m standing on the subway today, and some dude is staring at me, and um, I kind of gave him the bird passively as well, I just get soooo tired of it. And he still stares anyways! Thanks for assuming my prettyness. 😀 I think it’s just my tallness. Like a big billboard ad that gets in the way and they can’t help but stare.

                But tonight was the first time I started hating my face. Like I wish there was a way to not attract attention. I’m not that pretty, so I’m not sure what the big fuss is about. Maybe the headscarves are like massive highlighters around it though? Sigh…

                Thanks for listening 😀

                • Both of my daughters are really pretty and when I go places with them they garner a lot more attention than I do when I go some place by myself! LOL! But I know what your talking about as far as kind of being pestered, in a way, from all the unwanted attention.

                  Besides being tall and pretty maybe you exude an air of mystery wearing your headscarf . . . it sounds like you’ll just have to accept it though, Pink, as there doesn’t seem to be any help for it! 😀

                  • LOLOL!!!! You are soo funny.. you make me laugh.. In my next post, I actually drew a can of men spray. You know, like bug spray but for human males. 😀

                    You are so kind. 😀

                    And yes, unwanted attention. I fantasize about getting a Harry Potter Invisible Cloak… dream.. dream…

        • Haha! Yes that could be! Then again she might have never removed it and just kept adding it to it day after day, year after year . . . I guess we’ll never know . . . sigh . . .

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