It’s Time to Take the 2013 Cockamamie Pledge

Hello Dear Readers and welcome to the brand spanking new year of 2013!  Can you believe how lucky we are getting to spend all our time in a future that only yesterday was nothing but a gleam in the calendar’s eye?

Here are some of the things My Brain Peanuts is just finding out it has planned for the new year:

Taking All the Stops Out and Going For the Certificate!

This year this blog is going to shoot for a perfect attendance award.  My goal is to write every day of the year.  (And so far so good!)

When I run out of ideas on January 2, I plan to incorporate some daily prompts from this book:

Write Every Day, A Year of Daily Writing Prompts
Warning: It  doesn’t have much of a plot.

A Thorough Going Over

I also plan to spruce up the appearance this blog by fooling around with some chemicals and other explosives in the WordPress Dashboard.  (If this blog suddenly disappears or if I suddenly disappear, be a lamb and give my regards to Broadway.)

And Now Dear Readers, it’s time to take:

The 2013 Cockamamie Pledge 

Raise your right hand, or whatever’s handy, and repeat after me:

I, insert your name here, do solemnly swear on a stack of vintage cookbooks, that I promise to never take anything I read on this blog as the gospel even if it claims to be the gospel as in The Bible According to Gregory.


Gregory from bible stories according to Gregory
Poor kid’s a little mixed up.

I, insert your name here, do solemnly swear that I will never shop at Pottery Barn unless accidentally transported by a hurricane to the PB cashier counter along with a thousand dollar bills and, in the confusion, accidentally pay for a set of $999 wooden salad tongs hewn from Pottery Barn sustainable forest trees.

wooden salad tongs from Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn wooden Tongs accidentally purchased during a hurricane. Whops!  Well at least they’re sustainable!

I, insert your name here, promise to believe with all my heart and soul that Al Gore invented the internet and that he is hopelessly addicted to Funyuns.

Our Beloved Al

Al Gore holding Funyungs
“I, Al Gore, am comprised mainly of Funyuns, yet I still managed to invent the internet!”

I, insert your name here, promise to suspend my disbelief while reading all stories on this blog no matter how ridiculous the scenario, how preposterous the character’s names and how hastily and horribly they are drawn.

Carlotta Con Carnie

Carlotta Con Carnie Linda Vernon humor
Just ignore the horses.

I, insert your name here, promise never to attempt to eat any foods featured on this blog from old cookbooks found at the thrift store under penalty of death by gagging.

Stay Away From the Gagaliciousness

inedible pie Linda Vernon Humor
“Careful! She’s gonna blow!”

I, insert your name here, promise to dedicate a few seconds this year to helping out with this blogs continuing effort of Trying to Cheer Up Edgar Allan Poe.


"Once upon a midnight dreary yadda yadda yadda . . ."
“Who cares if it’s 2013, Midnight’s still gonna be dreary!”

I, insert your name here, promise not to aggravate The Drawing Lady while she’s trying to teach us how to draw, no matter how tempted I, insert your name here, am.

The Drawing Lady

The Drawing Lady, Linda Vernon Humor
“Don’t make me jump out the window!”

I, insert your name here, promise not to notice any typos or misspellings and the fact that this blog has absolutely no idea what it is talking about so help me, insert your name here.

Thank you so much Dear Readers for taking The 2013 Cockamamie Pledge! And I promise I won’t hold you to it . . . much!

Wishing All of You the Best Possible 2013!! (even Al Gore and Pottery Barn)

Until next time . . . I love you

37 thoughts on “It’s Time to Take the 2013 Cockamamie Pledge

  1. I just did a lot of “inserting name” and “solemn swearing” as requested, so I’m looking forward to a much better 2013. I hope you have one too and thanks for your all your fun writing and religious education.

    • GOF! Thank your for taking the pledge. Here it is only the first day of 2013 and you’ve already got a gold star by your name Mr. Goff Insert Your Name Here! And I’m looking forward to having some fun at your blog this year too! 😀

  2. Happy new year, Linda!
    I’ll be taking the pledges in about four to six weeks, as apparently that’s how long it will take to process the forms legally changing my name to Insert Your Name Her.
    (Though I may just use Your when I introduce myself…)

  3. I pledge 100 times over if it means another fun filled year of absurd characters, stories and gaggy recipes from cook books of decades past. I would miss all my “friends” from your post if Peanuts went on strike. My favorite, of late, is the bible story series. I still think one of the networks could do something with those stories. It’s a series waiting to happen.
    Keep writing, Linda, you bring fun and laughter to all of your readers!!!
    I speak for all of us when I say, We love you!!!
    Happy New Year!!!
    (hopefully you didn’t have that meat pie any where near you! LOL!)

    • LOL! Lisa. I pledge never to eat a pie from 197poo and I also promise to make Gregory go to sunday School every single week until we work our way through the bible! I think we’ve got a lot of fun ahead of us this year. Thank you so much Lisa for all your wonderful comments and for just being the wonderfully sensitive caring person that you are (and with a fabulous sense of humor!) Maybe I’ll enlist us bloggers and we’ll do a youtube series with each of us playing a different biblical character each week. You know I think it just might work!! 😀

  4. I pledge to support your endeavor to write everyday by pledging to read and laugh everyday – look at how wonderful you are! We have both come so far since those first comments and I love you dearly and have been remiss in letting you know. I am so proud of you and how you just went with it…you are so creative and funny and I have missed you. No more putting off posts til I have time – yes dear cyber mom I have a whole pile of them in my inbox that I couldnt wait to read – but you couldn;t see that … Happy New Year and here’s to another great year – I pledge to try my best but please always know you are on my mind and in my heart. And I will always come back 🙂 If it weren;t for you – I would never be where I am.. thank you for your love and support too…

    • Lizzie! I’m tearing up. And I have goosebumps reading your wonderful comment! And if it weren’t for your support when I first started –my only and loyal commenter and who pulled me out of my dark little corner of WordPress — I honestly didn’t even realize I you could comment on other people’s blogs — I would probably have just given up. It seems so funny to me now that I didn’t know how to go to blogs and comment! And I remember so well, the posts you wrote back then and how much we encouraged each other. And now look at you and your going great guns (like I always knew you would)! And here I am writing and posting every single day. I wouldn’t have thought a couple years ago, I would have ever had it in me. Everyday is a discovery! What in the world will be thunk up next! I know that it is hard to visit the blogs we love so much. I’m always hoping for some kind of time management pill to come along (besides 5 hour energy drink lol) But you’ll always be my special cyberdaughter! Thank you so much Lizzie! Always sending you much love and you are always in my mind and heart too!! 😀

  5. I took the Pledge. Now I’m spraying my Official Pottery Barn footstool that looks like a sustainable rotting tree trunk. Now I’m taking a soft cloth and polishing it lovingly…

    Hey, wait a minute!! I think I took the wrong Pledge!! : (

    I’m pledging to come to this wunnaful wunnaful blog whenever I can– because here I find Truth Spoken In Jest, Poetic Justice, and The Thrift Shop Way!! Not to mention 100,000 greasy, empty Funyuns packages– yuckety-yuck!!

    Ain’t nobody writes good as you, no way, no how– you de bestest, bub!! : )

    • Ahhahaha!! Mark you crack me up every time. I thought where is he going with this? And when I came to the wrong kind of Pledge LOL!!!!

      Oh I do look forward to your smiling face this year Markie MacGiggles. And I promise to leave a bag of Funyuns in the comment section with your name on it! Of course you might have to fight Grams and Al Gore for it! But I know you can out run both of them! You’re always welcome here Mark, and thank you so much for your ongoing wonderful supportive self. You are the best!!

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