Trifecta 33-Word Writing Challenge: Waiting to be Happy

The Trifecta Weekend writing challenge is:   We want you to give us thirty-three words of advice.  Your advice can be to anyone or about anything.  We only ask that you make it uniquely yours.

Waiting to be Happy

We are what our imaginations dream ourselves to be. 

The trick is in learning to work the imagination to our advantage.

We might as well be happy while we’re waiting to be happy!

Smiley Face Linda Vernon Humor
The Happiest Woman in the World

Until next time . . . I love you

52 thoughts on “Trifecta 33-Word Writing Challenge: Waiting to be Happy

  1. Optimism! I love it. I agree you have to choose to be happy. And I love the thought of being happy while waiting to be happy.

  2. That makes perfect sense. We just need for the imagination to kick in. I liked this a lot but this is not your usual stuff. In any case, bravo!

    • Thank you Lumdog. The other advice I was going to give was what my mother told me in all seriousness when I was about 7. “Linda, promise me you’ll never marry a jockey.” I kept that promise too! HA!

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