Signs Your Body Has Been Taken Over by an Alien

Well it’s re-run Friday again.  And I know if you’re anything like me, you don’t like to head into the weekend not knowing whether or not your body has been taken over by an alien.  So here are the signs:

You don’t get why you can’t order Panda at Panda Express.

You often sink into a depression over having just the one head.

Oh sure you’re a cat lover, but only because they drink their milk out of  s a u c e r s .

While everybody else is drinking Margaritas, you’re drinking Margarita.

“Wait . . where’s Margarita?”

When you introduce yourself to others, you feel compelled to add that you’re “just your typical human being.”

You can’t believe you went so long never realizing how superfluous pupils were.

When nobody’s looking you turn into a writhing platter of arroz con pollo.


You’re worried about how much longer you’ll get away with passing off the suction cup on forehead as a high-definition tattoo.

You’ve got your own way of describing the face on Mars:  MOMMY!

And the number one way to tell if your body has been taken over by an alien?

Your blood sugar plummets if you go too long without eating a puppy.

“Mmmmmmm . . . .PUPPY!”
Until next time . . . I love you

Just a quick note to all my Wonderful Blogging Buddies:

I just want to say that I have met the most wonderful people since I started blogging and thanks to all of you, my life has been greatly enriched!  I love reading your blogs!


I got tagged!  I got awarded! I got milk! (Ok, I didn’t get milk!) And I want to thank you all!  I am honored and touched (in the heart as well as in the head) that you have taken the time to nominate this blog.  Your support inspires me greatly!
So thank you so much:
Until next time . . . I love you

32 thoughts on “Signs Your Body Has Been Taken Over by an Alien

  1. Haha I loved this post then and I love it today! It explains so much that if we just keep in mind – would uh ..explain so much? Yup that;s it i checked my alien to english dictionary…..
    Thanks for the shout out and right back at you! Thank for all you do and all you share 🙂

  2. What if only seven of the signs apply?
    And can you be more specific about “drinking Margarita”? Because it might be eight…

    Thank you for the shout out. I get a smile on my face whenever I see a new post from you in my inbox (as well as whenever I see we’ve commented in the same posts around the sphere…)

  3. You’re very welcome Linda, I love your sense of humor a lot, i kept coming back, hahahaha, and same here, I’m happy to have met you here via Word Press, even miles away, sharing a thought or two with each other already a bliss…See you around, just enjoy life and have fun! Thanks 🙂
    Dolly xoxo

  4. Instead of doing actual work that I’m supposedly getting paid for. I here reading this post with a big ole grin on my face! *awww* I’m feeling all tingly inside … I hope it’s not lunch 🙄 😀

  5. Turning into a “writhing platter of arroz con pollo” seems like it might be a tad bit painful? But what do I know… I’m “just your typical Human Being.” haha!

  6. You know, just this morning I was wondering this very thing. What a coincidence. Didn’t have the foggiest idea where to go to find out. I have heard “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. Sure enough. Turns out I am still a virgin. Whew.

    New here. Really enjoy your writing.

  7. I laughed just reading the title of the post….haha….You must not grow puppies very big where you are, eh? Or do you just have big buns? haha funny picture, funny post, Linda

  8. Until this moment I was afraid of being noticed because of that tell-tale ring around the collar type of mark on my forehead.Thanks for your excellent idea of passing it off as a high definition tattoo.

    You may visit us any time. My people will welcome you.


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