Thrift Store Find: A Guy Named Ted’s 1991 Yearbook!

We all remember the somewhat-iffy glory days of  our semi-beloved junior high school!   

Some of us adored it and some of us hated it. Apparently, Ted, whose yearbook I found on the shelves of my local thrift store, fits into the latter catagory. 

So pull your hair into a side pony tail and twist your hat backwards and let’s take a little trip to Junior High 1991 courtesy of Ted:

Now here’s a student who, even though he tried valiantly NOT to listen during Language Arts class, accidentally absorbed a few nuggets of wisdom.

Not only do I give him kudos for remembering two of the eight parts of speech, but he even threw in “vowel” as well as the rarest type of letter in the alphabet, “the consant.”

I’m also giving him extra points for mentioning the  “prep prase”  which I’m guessing is any prepositional phrase that is complimentary.

Apparently this same kid was also in Ted’s History class.

Now here’s a category they didn’t have when I was in Junior High:

Not to be confused with:

And of course, what yearbook would be complete without fun photo doctoring:

Everybody had a Jr. High math teacher named Mr. Flem (or should have):

And finally:

The eternally effervescent P.E. teacher, Mrs. Miller, leaves Ted with these parting words:

“Ted, you’ve got  a great personality.  Keep things in the right perspective OK?

Ted!  You gotta love him, don’t you?

Until next time . . . I love you

20 thoughts on “Thrift Store Find: A Guy Named Ted’s 1991 Yearbook!

  1. Poor Ted.
    I think he got over it though, and used the lessons learned in hi yearbook at his new job writing Pottery Barn catalogs.
    Really, those things are covered in vowels and consants.

    Seriously though, I wonder what moved him to sell it…

    • I have a feeling somebody accidently donated them. It was probably Mr. Flem. Yes, and I like to think that somewhere deep in the Pottery Barn sustainable forests Ted is eating alphabet soup!

  2. That Ted. What a doofus! (Didn’t he die)?

    If you remember correctly, I had a math teacher named Alfred who signed all school papers A. Harry Dick.

  3. This one gave me a good chuckle! I love the Language Arts note. You know he’s a good friend ’cause he calls him, Tedly.
    Now I know, after all these years of playing scrabble and losing, it’s because I didn’t have any constants. No wonder!

    Mrs. Miller’s note is a little bit cryptic, I’m afraid. I feel that even though she’s sporting a modified mullet, she was able to bond with Ted on some deeper level? Don’t you agree?

    • Hahahahaha! You are so right! Nothing says
      “I feel your pain, trust me” like a modified mullet! And you can tell that Ted did trust her too or he wouldn’t have felt comfortable enough to black out two of her teeth. It’s downright inspirational!

  4. How cool! I was in junior high around the same time. I bet I have some equally hilarious comments, although no Mrs. Miller around to remind me about my perspective. You know, that could have made all the difference!

  5. angst…ANGST! if I had a jr high yearbook I would sell it too…well maybe not now after I know what you can do with these things – and love me or not you would have had plenty of irresistible material…..and I woulda let you cause it woud be funny but …seriously I had a flashback and now I need to go lie down…or maybe a beer…or a salad…..

    • Yes Lizzie. There’s nothing wrong with you that a big bowl of beer wouldn’t cure with a nice cold mug of salad on the side! The good thing about getting old is that you really do forget about your angst. I acutally liked Jr. High much better than high school. I wish I still had my jr. high yearbook though. I lost it years ago! It’s probably languishing on some thrift store bookshelf or at the bottom of the sea!

  6. Having a good chuckle reading your posts. Tapping into an old yearbook is serious fun. You could write a great short story off something like that.
    I wish we had a most talkative category- maybe I would have had a second picture in my yearbook.
    Unfortunately math teachers seem to have a bad reputation for drool or at least spittle at the sides of there mouth.
    The PE teacher was trying to positively channel that “personality”. It may have caused problems in class but could “serve” him well someday.

    • Ha! So true about the math teachers, Wendy. And like Mark commented, there is some sort of cosmic imperative that people with strange names end up teaching in Jr. High School!

      And yes, I woud have had two pictures too if they would have included the catagory of “most disengaged” Ha!

    • What?? The real Mr. Flem or are you referring to the generic Mr. Flem Jr. High School Teacher scattered throughout the Jr. high schools of America? (My daughter’s Jr. high math teacher’s name was A. Harry Dick – seriously!)

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